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Sunday, March 20, 2011

We have a winner!

Do I have a name-drawer?

Do I have a pretty jar with all the entrants?

Are we ready to pick the winner?
I believe so.....

Here we go...

 Congratulations to........

Ahhhhhh! Mary! You are the winner! I bet you're thinking, "It's about time!!" I am so happy for you! You actually get a choice with this win. You may have an allie-bean bag made out of that beautiful tree fabric may have one of the existing bags from the store. Either way, you get a new bag!!


I'm so grateful to those of you who took the time to enter. Because there are a handful (or two) of you, and I don't have a ton of pressing orders, you're not going home empty handed. I will be sending each of you a cute little zippy-pouch made out of the fabric you chose for the contest. Please take a second and e-mail me your addresses, and they will be out as soon as they're made.

Congratulations, friends!!


  1. Awwww...thanks! I really feel loved. I can't wait!

  2. Is that Mary me? Really? I sure hope so because you made my day. I can't believe it. I am going to go with the houses bag in your store. I love the tree one too but I will just have to put that on my must buy list. Love to you. MWB

  3. Congrats to you Mary! Shel, you are a sweetheat and I'm very excited for the zippy pouch. Love you sis. :)

  4. Yeah! Congrats Mary!!! :)
    Thank you so much for making us all winners! But then we already are because we have you! Too sappy? Too bad! LOL!
    Can't wait to see my cute lil zippy pouch! You rock girlfriend!
    Love ya, Your FF


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