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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rhetorical Question of the day...

"Hey Shel, that new vintage store opened downtown...Did you go?"

Um, yeah.

 This would usually be the part of the blog where I would say, "Shhhh." But the weekend "junking" was actually the man's idea. Better than marriage counseling, I tell ya. :)

Happy Monday, friends 


  1. What fun!!!!
    I'm loving that mirror! What great finds! You have such a good eye for beautiful things. Someday....far, far, FAR away from now...... we should try to find somethings together! Or should I say, you can help find ME some GREAT things! A girl can dream right? ;)
    Love and miss ya!
    Your FF

  2. NO!!!! I posted a comment here yeserday and it didn't show up. Boo! Great finds Michele.


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