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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring is coming!!

I am so excited for Spring this year.

I wasn't ready for the snow this winter, yet it kept falling. The cold wind kept blowing and the grey skies seemed to hang lower than usual. It has been a long couple of months.

I love the Spring forward time change. It agrees well with me. I'll happily give up an hour of sleep for longer days. It has been depressing to see the man both go to work and come home in the dark. Now, the mornings aren't too bad and I can actually make dinner and feel like I'm not going to need to go to bed right after. It's fantastic.

I've got some beautiful new Spring fabric to work with. It's been a long time since we had a give-away. I decided to make an Allie-bean bag out of one of the fabrics and give it to one of you. If you're not familiar with the Allie-bean bag, click over on my shellybean store to see the shape and size. 

The problem is, I can't decide which one to use. I thought it might be fun to have a contest where you get to choose the fabric for the bag. Now. If you don't like any of these choices, this contest is not for you. If you think someone you love might like one, enter for them or feel free to tell them about it. Pretty simple, eh?

Enter in the comment section. If you're entering as anonymous, please don't forget to leave your name. Anyone is welcome to play :)

Here are the questions you need to answer to be eligible for the drawing:

1. What do you love about spring?
2. What will you miss about winter?
3. Which of the fabrics is your favorite?

I'll leave the first comment as an example. The drawing will be Sunday night, the first day of Spring, at 7 o'clock. (mountain time)

Fabric choices below-

A. Grey/Black/Aqua flowers and swirls

B. White background with lime/black flowers

C. Yellow and peach trees

D. Bright yellow with red ladybugs

E. Pink background with red, orange, yellow and white circles

Good luck, friends :)


  1. 1. I love the smell of the air right before a big rainstorm.
    2. I will miss watching my children actually being children and playing in the snow.
    3. My favorite fabric for the new bag is "E", because it reminds me of Lifesavers candy. I don't know what that has to do with Spring, but let's just go with that.

    By the way, all previous winners are eligible. Thanks for playing!!

  2. Good morning Sunshine! :)
    1. I love the first crokes of the spring peepers in our pond out back! It helps me remember that even though the woods seem brown and dead that there are lil lives tucked under all the ice and mud just waiting to sing again!
    2. As much as I dislike winter, sitting in my living room, all tucked in warm and cozy, my favorite thing is to watch out our moon shape window as the huge flakes of snow fall past. It looks just like a giant snow globe! I could sit and watch forever.
    3. Drum roll please!!!!!!! My favorite fabric is also the Life Savers candy one. I was so torn between that one and the adorable ladybug one. But, after much deliberation, I like the bright colors of that one the very best!! I even had Dave take a look. He wasn't into any of them. He wants a camouflage one. Go figure.
    Okey dokey!! There ya go!! Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend my dear friend!!! <3
    Your FF

  3. 1. I love the tulips and daffodils pooping their noses through the dirt, the sound of basketballs bouncing in the driveway, and longer days. And most of all the light at the end of the school tunnel- summer is almost here!

    2. I will miss how quiet everything is when the snow is falling, long winter evenings, sweats, and the holidays.

    3. I love C: yellow and peach trees. Spring wants pastels.

  4. By the way, if you're new to the blog, tell me who sent you here and they could also be eligible for a prize :)

  5. 1. I love the freshness of Spring. Everything is new, after a very hard winter, it's nature's do-over.
    2. In spite of an excessive amount of snow this year I will miss it. Mostly because of the opportunity for snow days!!
    3. My favorite? Definitely the bright yellow with the red ladybugs!! Awesome for spring. And of course you know my sister Mary fills me in on your website, blogs etc. Happy Spring!!
    --Julie Welling

  6. Toshi said....

    1. I love the way you can smell spring in the air, when how you open the windows, to let in the fresh air, seeing the first Robin return, ladybugs coming out when the weather is warmer...

    2. I love the first snowfall of the year, the first offically snowday for the children. Having snow around for the Christmas season, then it can go away lol...Having movie day with my daughter, all the awhile being cuddled under a blanket or two..

    3. My favorite is: The bright yellow with the ladybugs..

  7. 1. I love when the new buds first appear. It is always exciting watching new life begin again.
    2. I know this is unpopular but I will miss the snow and the beautiful picture postcard days.
    3. Yellow w/ peach tree. I love anything trees and love the subtle colors. And as my husband says "Everybody needs a little yellow". MWB

  8. 1. I love opening the windows in the house and hearing all the Mourning doves that nest in the trees just outside. I love not having to bundle Quinn up in 32 pieces of clothing. I love long walks in the sunshine. Also, I always know spring is here when I see our beautiful blue crane return to the pond.

    2. I love the fact that I can hide my fat under a really big and super soft sweater. I also, really love the very first now fall.

    3. D, the bright yellow with very sweet ladybugs. :)

  9. 1. I love spring because it is "hoodie weather," it's the best time to be inlove, and you can smell things on the breeze. Flowers bloom and the Earth sort of resets itself- tries to heal a little.
    2. Falling snow is magical, and I think fresh snow is beautiful; it glitters.
    3. I like fabric C. It's pretty and it looks like something I would pick out as the recycling earth loving fool that I am :).


  10. 1. I love how spring time feels like a fresh start. Everything seems renewed and clean again.
    2. What I love the most about winter is that I get to snuggle up with my family and watch movies. The world seems to spin a bit slower and for a small time, everything is still.
    3. B! I love the white with black and green.

  11. 1. I love that it's warm! :)
    2. I'll miss the extra hour of sleep from daylight savings! I hate the "spring ahead" time.
    3. I love the Grey/Black/Aqua flowers and swirls one!

  12. 1. I love the daffodil and crocus bulbs that bloom in spring, and the anticipation of all the blossoms from the buds on the trees!

    2. What will I miss about winter???? um...maybe the temps in the teens?? the darkness...the snow? the ice??? None of it! good bye winter! You've been extremely harsh this year!!!

    3. I love the blue and black floral fabric!!!!


    -Lori M


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