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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

These little lights of mine...

I was only fourteen, but I'm picturing the lovely woman who lived in this house in 1984. I don't know who she was or what she was like, but I'm imagining a conversation between her and her man....

The 80's lady:  "Honey, I'm kind of tired of the macrame and brown glass hanging lamps hung everywhere we turn. What do you say we go downtown, have a nice dinner and pick-up some new lighting for the house? I hear gold is fashionable right now and I'll bet we'll be back in time for that new L.A. Law..."

Her man: " Hmm. I don't know. I don't want to miss CHEERS. Hows about we stop at the golden arches and get one of those new McDLTs? Since it's just down the street, we might as well just go to ACE. They're the place with a helpful hardware man."

And it was there, I'm sure, where it all went downhill. On an endcap. Aisle 4. Maybe on clearance. The woman's dreams of tasteful lighting would go by the wayside for the low, low price of 14.99. For an eight pack. Gold? No. But wasn't brass close enough?

The man : "See honey? I picked up some wrenches,  duct tape AND we found your lighting!  You can thank me later.  Plus, there are probably enough fixtures here for every light in our house. "

And guess what? There were. And they weren't hideous; at the time.....

But it is 2011. And everywhere you turn, you see the hopes and dreams of a classy lady gone wrong.... In the repetitive shape of an octagon..

Below is a pic of the man when we moved in wondering if we could afford to replace all those babies. Or maybe he was hoping I wouldn't mind. I do like vintage, right?

We are slowly replacing them. I'm sure the next owners of this house will wonder what in the world I was thinking when I replaced a bunch of brass energy-sucking lights out with lighting circa 1940.

The library used to be the first family's dining room. I've always wanted to have a simple chandelier hanging in there as both an homage to the family and as an excuse to banishing the brassy, glassy octuplet, kindly joining him with his others in the depths of the wasteland we call our garage.

I wonder if the man of the Reagan generation also was bribed into changing out fixtures with "pretty please" and  a bowlful of jellybeans.

2 down, 6 to go. We'll get there. Hopefully it will be before brass comes back in style. If you own those little octagon lights and happen to love them and their style, I am happy to give you any extras you might require to complete your set. 

What's the lesson here? Use what makes you happy. Use what you can afford.  Try not to match every single light with one another, Mix it up. Express yourself.

You rock the metal of your choice, woman of the millennium! If you can't get the exact lighting you envision, go and check out the clearance section at Home Depot or a resale shop. Wherever it comes from, own it like it was your choice all along.

Now. On to this baby...

I'm off to find some spray paint and a set of scaffolding.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends :)


  1. Hahaha I have the same lights in my house, No I didn't buy them and I do not want your extras. I have other more ugly lights I want to replace first! Love your blogs....:)

  2. Oh by the way this is Brenda!

  3. Ha! We also have a few of those lovely lights in our home! Ugh! Darn that Ace and their clearance sales!!!!
    Thank you once again for chuckles to go with my coffee. So much better for me than those donut holes I was eyeing. :)
    Happy Hump Day to you my dear friend!
    Your FF

  4. I'm beginning to think I need to give these light another look. Clearly, all the cool girls have them :)


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