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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chalk it up to procrastination...

The world's worst procrastinator? You're reading her blog. I don't know what or why it is, but I've always waited until the very last minute to complete something that is required of me. Those things are  never finished late or are lacking any quality, but I absolutely walk the line of, "One day little lady, you are going to find yourself out of time and nothing to show for it!"

I usually do have something to show for it,  just not the "it" that is suppose to be completed. I like to call it "Active Procrastination". It means, "No, I didn't finish the assignment that's coming up, but look what I DID do!!"

A complete cop-out, I know. I have few projects on the front burner.  Not even difficult projects. I don't know. Something in me just shuts down.

For example, instead of completing a simple "expected" task yesterday, I filled the day doing a bunch of ridiculously random things. Instead of sitting down and getting to work on something that probably would have taken at most a few hours, I-

-made a cake
-mopped the floor
-started up a conversation with the Fed Ex lady (Who was delivering a package to a neighbor. Pathetic, I know)
-moved around furniture
-dusted (seriously, how desperate was I?)
-made a chalkboard.

While all nice chores/ activities, none of them needed to be done as badly as the aforementioned tasks. Ugh. And now, mind you,  I'm writing up a random blog post.

On one hand I have to now put my nose to the grindstone and get working. On the other hand, I have an awesome little chalkboard. Some days, you have to take whatever you can get...

So. Do you have a conference to attend? A project or paper coming up? Bills to pay? Phone calls to return? Me too. Let's get to it.......or I could show you how to make a chalkboard.... Yes, let's do that instead....

You need:

A frame with an attached backing (no glass) or an old cabinet door or a cute old calendar board that you bought at a resale store for say, 3 dollars!!
Paint brush
Chalkboard paint
Sand paper
Painter's tape

1. Take your board and clean any dust or dirt off.

2. Make sure your paint is stirred thoroughly before you begin

3. Sand the edges of your project if you like an older, worn look. Tape off where you would like your chalkboard. If you like a clean look, you'll want to paint the outside border of the frame first.

4. After sanding, wipe any sawdust or residue off of the chalkboard area. Paint two coats, making sure to completely cover the area. You want to let dry about 45 minutes between the coats. This would make a perfect time to catch up on needed tasks, or say, bake a cake :)

5. When completely dry, use chalk to "season" the chalkboard. Completely cover the board and erase or wipe away with a dry cloth. Your chalkboard will now be ready to use.

6. Perhaps you could make a check-off list of all the things you're supposed to be doing or you could make a list to at least keep everyone else on track.  :)

Have a productive day, friends :)


  1. BTW, the chalkboard looks shiny in the last picture. I rubbed PLEDGE polish into the border, to protect the exposed, sanded wood.

  2. Good Morning!
    I adore you. And I see now why we are life long friends! We are BOTH procrastinators! I have also always been this way, and I ALSO always seem to come through at the very last second. Do you know how many dreams (nightmares!) I have had about NOT getting something completed on time? Ugh!
    Maybe it's the "oldest/first child syndrome". (I blame everything on that!) Or maybe we just need therapy? Coffee and cake therapy. Write THAT on your chalkboard, sista! ;)
    Love ya....and that beautiful new chalkboard of yours!
    Your FF

  3. The only thing I got out of this blog post is that there is a "Fed Ex Lady". How comes she never comes when I'm home? I think Fed Ex has their schedule messed up.

  4. What do you mean, "All I got out of this post....?" I specifically taught you how to make a chalkboard. Clearly you can spend the day at work sharing your wife's talents. Trust me, no one was as stunned as I was seeing the new Fed Ex gal...She was cute, too. So sorry you missed out :(


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