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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My oasis....

My craft space is a little, odd shaped room in the very back of the basement. It was lonely and chilly. But it was also sunny, private, spider-free and thank you Easter Bunny, all mine. I love love love this room. I'm so grateful to have a space of my own to escape to. I now have a place to store all the accumulated artsy/crafty stuff and I get a place to do my favorite hobby. Watch Lifetime TV. Kidding, friends. I 'm talking about sewing- I'm officially obsessed.....

We bought some cheap, unfinished cabinets at the Home Depot and covered them with a pine door. I painted the cabinets an antique ivory and the walls light aqua. (Valspar ala Lowe's) The door on the right cabinet is not hooked on. It was broken when we bought it. (Someone yell clearance!) I used it later for something else.
Now the room looks like this. Pay no attention to the measly organization. I took these pictures yesterday and already the floor is cluttered with the sewing machine cabinet. I'm painting that next.

Look for that missing cabinet door in the next picture :)

Here is Betty. She's wearing regular clothes. I use her to pose with the bags I make. Naked Betty freaks me out.

My attempt at fabric organization and purses on the shelves.

I took the doors off one of the closets and created another desk for paper crafts.

That's it! My craft room. Except for the carpet, I love the space. If you know me, you can just imagine what's behind the other closet door. Trust me. You don't want to know. One step at a time, people. Now. What's on Lifetime ?


  1. Awesome! Now, could ya make a quick trip to the Mitten State to help ME with a few unfinished projects???? Give Betty a hug for me, won't ya? :)

  2. I would love nothing more than a trip back to the Mitten State. I think however, you and I could think of a few other things to do with our time than paint or organize.....Miss you!

  3. You need to show all of your beautiful bags. Let everyone see how talented you are. Is there a way I can link this to my facebook?

  4. Anonymous, I'm sure there is. I think you just copy and paste the URL on my info page on FB. Thanks for the super-kind comments :)

  5. Such a crafty girl! I wish I could get energized to fix my scrapbook space up! Love ya! Char

  6. I don't own one but have seen a variety of bags as well as a diaper bag. These bags are professional quality on par with anything you would find in the finer stores. The combinations of color, the design work, the quality of the assembly are all top notch. MWellingBonney


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