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Monday, March 8, 2010

"Hold me, Bob Villa...."

These are the words I imagine Martha Stewart screaming while witnessing any of my versions of crafting, sewing or home improvement. I picture both Martha and Bob hugging their knees and rocking in the fetal position, absolutely appalled at what lies before them.
"Why, why, why Bob, is she painting a perfectly fine sewing cabinet?"
"Did you see her nail that picture to the wall without using a ruler, level or a stud?"
"Did she really just sand and paint that piece of furniture without proper ventilation? Without removing all the pieces? Without a stinking drop cloth?!"
"Did she attach the hardware before the paint was completely dry?"
"Oh no, Martha.  Please say she didn't paint those drawers with stuff still in them?"

Yep. I kind of did. We bought the cabinet for 20 bucks over ten years ago at a resale shop. I wanted to paint it the day we brought it home. I know, I procrastinated a bit. But now it's done and I love it.

So, sorry Bob. Sorry Martha. I'm not the best rule-follower. But hey, while you're shaking your head at me in disgust, check out the chair I revamped too. Good news guys- I actually took it apart before painting it. Woo Hoo! I need my own show on HGTV ;)

sewing cabinet before-

 sewing cabinet after:

Chair before and after

Finished project :)


  1. Holy buckets, girl. That's fantastic!! While I was sewing all those sashes, I kept thinking about how I could make the space work for me better, about what sorts of little "things" that would help me organize my needles and thread, buttons, etc. Now, I want to paint!!

  2. Thanks Shan, when you finish that book of yours, we'll go out and get our organization on!

  3. I thought the ribbon organizer was a fabulous idea. I take it back...that chair is my new favorite. I want one just like it. You did a great job. You are such a talented soul.
    Mary Welling-Bonney

  4. Fine looking desk and chair, superb job! The soft colors blend with room and give it a "home" feel. All good things come to those who wait!


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