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Friday, March 26, 2010

My name is Shellybean and I'm a bagaholic.....

Ok. So you know how girls just HAVE to have the latest bag? In all the latest colors and styles? Well...I'm really more of a shoe girl myself....

Instead, I love to MAKE bags. All kinds. Clutches and hobos, totes and purses....Anything that will store important stuff like lipstick and gum and wallets and pens and phones and loose change......Oh, you get it! I love to pick out fabrics and design patterns and try to build bags that are fun, useful and of course, adorable! Yep, and making bags is what I've been doing in that "now-very-messy" craft room of mine :)

So with the urging of some fantastic friends and family, I will soon be launching my bags on  See that little button on the right that says "My Artfire Shop"? Well that is where you will be able to click (eventually) and see some of the bags I've been working on. My husband set the online store up months ago, but I've got to tell you.....I've procrastinated putting my bags up for fear of that little confidence issue I have. Will people like them? Are they the right size/shape/color/style/design....blah blah blah :)

Okay friends. I'm looking for feedback. Do you have one (or more) of my bags? Can you tell me what you liked about it? What could I improve on?...

Leave a comment at the end of this post. Even if you don't own one of the bags....Cause I'm hoping you will eventually want to :)

Oh and see that cute bag up on the bench in my header? I'm giving it (the bag, not the bench!) away to a random commenter. The drawing is Monday night. So leave a message and your name in the comment section.  If you're a Facebook friend, you can see a few of my bags in my photos......To those of you that have blessed my life with words of encouragement and love, I wholeheartedly thank you :)

Good Luck friends!


  1. I fell in love with that bag the first time I saw her. She's calling my name, I'm sure of it!

  2. My name is Stacy, and I love Shellybean Bags. I'm waiting until winter is history before I take my bag out of the house. (Otherwise, clutz that I am, it'll end up in a mud puddle.) But the size, style, and proportion are spot on, and the workmanship is divine. And, you have a beautiful eye for fabrics. I look forward to showing off my Shellybean Original to the world (and adding to my Shellybean collection)! :)

  3. BTW, If you are having difficulty leaving comments, choose the anonymous button, but write your name on the comment so I know who you are. Thanks :)

  4. My beautiful cousin Shelly, made me a bag for a wedding I'm in. I love how she add little bit of every thing she asked me. I hope in a few months, my daughter and I will be able to order purses for us. Once again, Thanks Shelly. Love you Toshi

  5. Shellybean bags have become the only bags I use. Everywhere I go, I get comments on them ( I'm going to need some business cards with I love art, and tastefully created,original pieces of art are exactly what these bags are. Thanks for putting so much time and love into them!

  6. These bags are amazing and beautiful. I was lucky enough to have not only the most beautiful purse in the world made by Shellybean but also a diaper bag that lasted long enough to turn it into my "everything else" bag. They were both one of a kind and gorgeous. Ladies, if you can get your hands on one of these bags, you will not be sorry! Plus they are one of a kind, and how many things can you say that about these days? :0)

  7. Must be nice to be talented. You're bags are totally awesome :) Before you know it, everyone will want a Shellybean original! You'll be like Gucci, but bigger and better. (And PETA won't be chasing after you.) People will envy your talent and your creative skill... Even though everyone and their brother are already jealous of your sick tight skills.. it will be like envy times ten. Until you become uber popular and your name is inscribed on a gold star in front of the Vogue headquarters, keep on sewing and blowing everyday people's minds away with your intense sewing skills.
    (no I was not paid to say this.)
    --John Doe :)

  8. I love my Shellybean originals. I own two! They are both beautiful and I get compliments on them where ever I go. Oh...and both of my daughters have tried stealing them...they are now grounded....forever! :)
    Why, oh why didn't you make these wonderful bags way back at Cascades? The swing-set and jump-rope privileges you could of had in trade! Just think of it! The best seat in the lunch room, and I would of had THE best looking book bag of any 5th grade girl there!!! Okay...sorry, I regress. =)
    Thanks for my beautiful bags Shel. I treasure mine, just like I do the maker of them. <3 Nick

  9. Shell... your bags are amazing. I've never seen anything like them... You would be crazy NOT to sell them. They are unique, creative, and fabulous. Be proud of what you're done; you're amazing... and that bag in the photo is too cute to even express... love from the mitten- Savannah

  10. I am now the proud owner of 2 Shellybean bags. I take them everywhere and show them off. Michelle has a talent for detail you won't find anywhere else. You can see in every stitch the attention and passion she puts into making every bag just right. Before I got my first bag I carried a Prada. 1000's own those. I would much rather carry my Shellybean these days and
    know this is not mass marketed and truly an original. Mary W.B.


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