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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Are we there yet?

"Neat as a pin." Another saying by someone with way too much time on their hands. By the way, where are my pins? See, this is what happens when I try to get organized.

Remember my little rant the other day about tidiness and my lack of it? Do you also recall that I said that I'm very capable of making it "look" neat when needed? Well, I've been working on my craft room. For the last two years. Uh huh. And I'm still not done. Like everything else in the house, I'd say it was.... evolving. Yeah, that's what I'll call it.

My oldest always asks why I can't leave things alone. "Mom, what was wrong with the way it was?" Or, "What happened to the plates that were here?" Or, "Didn't you JUST paint that wall?"Or, "What have you done with my father?" I kid. I kid....

Truthfully, I often wonder when I'll be satisfied with the way a room turns out. I can't imagine saying to the high school kid at Lowe's, "No paint today Robbie. I'm completely content with the Pepto-Bismol pink you talked me into for the guest bedroom. I think I'll leave it that way for the next thirty years. Good Luck with your life!" Nope. Sorry. That young man (who tries to hide each time he sees me) could guide you through my last two houses of colors and tell you the craziness I put him through while purchasing each can or quart or gallon of paint. "Hey Robbie, should I use satin or eggshell? Will that cover rust? Do I need a darker primer? Will this color NOT show the grossness that's left when the boys in my family miss the toilet? Is there anti-bacterial paint? Do you know any friends that might want to paint for me?" Dear heavens. If the employees in the paint department worked on commission, they would be WORKING for Robbie. Anyway, I'll be sure to let you know when that "satisfied-with-the-room" thing happens.

The people who lived here before us had two children. Two immaculate children. When we walked into this 30+ year old house, it was insanely clean. God bless the mom who can pull that off. There were no scuff marks on the walls. No pizza cheese on the ceilings. No sorry-I-forgot-to-drink-that-cherry-slurpee-in the-kitchen stains on the carpet....Incredible. I don't believe they ventured much into the basement. It was pretty desolate (albeit spotless). The family before them had divided the bottom level into four rooms for their much larger family. Anywhoo, I believe the Mr. Clean Family used what was to be my crafty-haven as a storage area. It's at the very back of the basement. Here's a pic. Man, I should have asked for that white drawer thingy to be included with the house. :(

If you get the chance, pop back here tomorrow. I'll show you what my little space looks like. For now, that is. At least until that Robbie guy gets back from his vacation.... Here's a small peek.....

Original Art by the youngest child, who loves the changes his Mommy makes.
Happy End-of-the-weekend, friends :)
-No employees of Lowe's were harmed in the making of this post.

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  1. Ok, not you have me dying to see the rest. We are going to tackle the purple room this spring. I will have to find out if we have a Robbie who can figure out how many coats of paint it will take to cover that. MWB


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