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Friday, February 19, 2010

A place for everything and everything has it's Blah blah blah...

The notion is that everything should have a place to be stored in and that it should be tidily returned there when not in use. Mmm Hmm. Yep. That's what someone said. Once or twice...

My lack of organizational skills began when I was small. I was the child who was always told to clean her room. It was never to straighten up a few things, but rather make it possible to find my floor. I was famous for piling papers on any flat surface, stuffing objects under the bed, or shoving things in a closet. God bless my sister and college roommate who had to endure the mess that was me.

Now before you start to imagine me as some Peanuts' character with swirling dirt surrounding her, please know that it's not a "clean" issue. Things MUST be clean. It's the tidy part that gets me every time. I have a moderate pack-rat problem. I seem to collect and keep way too much of nothing in particular. It is very hard for me to throw anything away. I believe in a past life I amassed maybe a rock and two sticks to my name. I can't explain any other reason why I'm this way.

When I started teaching and had my own classroom, I became blessed with TWO places to hold all my junk. It was wondrous. If you recall George Carlin talking about our ridiculous obsession with "stuff", understand I could have been his muse.

Alas, I quit teaching to become a stay at home mom and was forced to condense said stuff into a garage and one and a half storage units. Ridiculous.

When we moved into this house, we agreed it was time for a change. Actually, the husband said it was time for a change and I reluctantly agreed. Kind of. We got rid of the storage units and I went on what equated to a drunken binge of giving everything away. Okay not everything, but for me it felt that way. We were on our way to a neat and organized new home.

Hahahahahahahah! After reading this post you couldn't possibly think we stuck with it, right? I still struggle with clutter. It happens to collect everywhere. Even though I'm much better at controlling it, I seemed to have spawned three children who are more like their mother than they care to admit. It is hard not to fall off the organization wagon with a busy family of five.

I AM working on it. Every single day. One step at a time. All those cliche's. I'm kind of hoping this blog will keep me on the right track. Help a girl out, will ya? And don't worry. When you come to my house you probably won't even notice my little clutter problem. In fact, you will more than likely step into a neat looking, nice smelling, seemingly organized home. As long as you call an hour before you come over and don't look in my closets.
Happy Weekend, friends :)

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