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Thursday, January 8, 2015

How I spent my winter break 2014

Hello, friends!
A lot of kids went back to school this week.  I'm sure more than a few of them had to answer this question:
How did you spend your winter break?

Some children might have described their fabulous vacations. Some probably wrote about spending time with their families. Others still, could have written about being glued to their TV/computers/video games for a full fourteen days.

I was wondering how I could possibly describe my own Winter/Christmas break. Then it came to me. I'd use Potato Heads. Why, you ask? Well, on one hand it could be the after-effects of a NyQuil-induced coma. On the other hand... no, it's probably just that.

How I Spent My Winter Break by Shellybean

Dec 21. The kids had school on the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas. The youngest started getting sick on Sunday afternoon. Here is a pic of me rolling my eyes, thinking he was just trying to get out of his short school week.

December 21-23. The youngest was not exaggerating. He quickly came down with a fever, started coughing and complained of aching all over. I don't care how old your kids get. When they're in pain and crying, you don't leave their side. The flu had hit and it hit with a vengeance. It took no longer than a day before I felt exactly the same symptoms.

December 24-26 We had to cancel our family Christmas party. I was supposed to host at the house. There was no way that could possibly happen. The youngest was still feeling horrible and I just wanted to die. Notice the man keeping his space. I think he was hugging a can of Lysol the whole time. BTW, the man with the steel immune system was only sick one day out of vacation: Christmas Day.

December 26-28 While the man held tight to his anti-bacterial wipes, I held on to this. Kleenex tissues with Vicks and NyQuil. You see, NyQuil doesn't care if you cough up a lung. It doesn't make you feel guilty if you're unable to answer the phone or check your computer. NyQuil doesn't judge.

December 29-31. The 29th was my eldest's birthday. I made her a cake and we went to lunch. I don't clearly remember any of these events, but she assures me it was all good. I spent that night and the next trying to stay away from the light. The 31st was the man's birthday. We had made plans with our best friends to go a New Year's Eve party in the neighboring state.

January 1. I made it until 7:30 p.m. I swear people, I may or may not have used a potato for this picture. That is exactly how I felt. 

After a day or two, I was feeling more like myself. I could eat real food again and could stand up with out the world turning upside down. After some rest and a few hot showers I'm as good as new.
Yes, that's me up there, still in need of a good waxing. Okay, so I'm ALMOST as good as new...

Happy Healthy New Year, friends!


  1. I'm sorry I'm laughing (no I'm not), but really, never has illness been so funny. Only you could tell the story of the flu via Mr. Potato Head. Hysterical with a side order of nuts. That's you, my friend. Don't ever change!

    1. "Hysterical with a side order of nuts". I think I need to change my blog's description to that!
      I couldn't change if I wanted to. LOL. Love you, K.

  2. You looked a little better than the baked potato in the picture but you were certainly down for the count for a number of days there. So glad you are feeling better now. And thanks for taking such good care of the youngest and us other sickies even while you were sick. Another great post!


    1. I'm definitely happy to be on the other side of that hot mess. Thanks for not complaining about the lack of festivities around here. ;)

  3. Haha loved the real baked potato! So glad you're feeling well. It was a much different break this year, but I'm so glad everyone is feeling better. That last picture of you is great! Love the Jumbo Mike and Ikes and Hershey bar. Best way to feel better. ;) Love this post! Love you!

    1. I'm glad to have everyone feeling better too, Alex. That JUMBO Mike and Ike's came from one of my favorite people. Thanks for all you did to make the holidays great. I love(d) having you around. <3

  4. Can't. Stop. Laughing!

    Only because we spent our vaca exactly the same way. I too looked very much like a root vegetable during those days. Perhaps more of like a rutabaga.
    Glad to know you are all healthy and silly again. Darn flu bug!
    Miss you FF!

    1. A rutabaga????Why didn't I think of a more interesting root vegetable? We are all healthy and I'm so thankful that you are too. Thanks for messaging me and keeping me updated during winter break. Your words on New Years Ever made me cry. <3 you, my FF


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