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Friday, January 23, 2015

Fly on the Wall: January 2015

Hey there!  Welcome to the January Fly on the Wall Group Challenge. This month, 13 amazing bloggers and I are describing what it would be like if you were to take a peek inside our homes....

Have a "look" around mine, and then go visit the other blogger's pages. There's always something fun, sentimental, or better yet, embarrassing going on. It's like your house, only we're admitting to the craziness. You have our permission. Buzz on over!

The man
Alex, the eldest (daughter, 21) 
C., The middle (son, 16)
J., The youngest (son, 10)

We have a somewhat competitive family. We all kind-of really love playing to win. Some families compete by playing sports or board games. My family competes over everything else.
And we "talk smack" right along with our winning. It's all in fun, I promise.

*Who can name the most crayon colors? (Me)
Me: "You call THAT periwinkle? Fool!"

*Name that Lifetime movie. (The man)
The man: "That one is called "Deadly Vows".  Someone kills someone else and slowly the characters will discover who it is even though we knew all along. How did you NOT see that coming? At least click over to the Hallmark Channel where I can have a challenge. Oh wait. 'A Bride for Christmas!' Too easy..."

*Football Picks. (The youngest)
J. to everyone: "You guys HAVE watched football before, right?"

*What time will C. get home on Friday night? (Tie)
Me: "Five minutes before curfew. I yelled last time."
The man: "I say five minutes after. He's been slacking."
The boy came home at curfew. On the dot. What fun is that?

Now I'm playing a game with the kids on my phone called "Trivia Crack." It's ridiculous how addictive and competitive it can get. (No clear winner yet.)
But the talk has already started:

C. to me: "Mom, call the fire department. You just got smoked."
Alex to C: "Do you have insurance? You just got wrecked."
C. to Alex. "How does it feel to be destroyed by your little brother?"
Alex to me: "Are you actually playing or just hitting random keys?"


Alex: "Why won't dad play 'Trivia Crack' with us? It's combining his two favorite things: Family time and electronics...Well, at least electronics."
C: "Probably because of the time he played "Words with Friends" with mom and created a 168 point  word. She didn't talk to him for a week."


The latest competition belongs to the man and me. We have these "FitBit" things. They count how many steps you take in a day. They're supposed to keep us active, but...

The man: "How many steps did you get?"
Me: "10,000" (highly exaggerated)
The Man: "Well I walked "10, 321."
Me: "Walking to and from the car to get McDonald's doesn't count."

Me: "Hey, yoga doesn't work on this thing. It didn't even count!"
The man: "I've been saying that about yoga for years..."

Talking Smack. It's lovingly what we do.

Oh, Kenny Rogers:

The man and I play Black Jack with pennies (or whatever we have around) instead of chips. He's really good at it. Too good, I say. Last week we didn't have any pennies around. I walk over to the table and he's using "Good And Plenty" candies. I can't stand them. The man knows this.
Me: "WHY, for the love of of poker players everywhere, are you using that nasty stuff? Black licorice with a pretend candy coating tricks people. Those are lies, not candies in that purple box."
The man: "Well, last time we used Mike and Ike's and 'someone' ate them all before I even cut the deck."
It's true.
Take THAT, dealer!

Quote of the Month:

I talk with my 84 year-old Grandma from Michigan on the phone. She gets lonely, so we sometimes end up talking for hours. I'm on the winning side of this. She's a wise, loving woman. I always feel better after our talks.
I can tell that she's lonely, so I ask her if there are any cute men at her church. This was her response:
"What do I need a man for? Listen. I don't need ANYONE telling ME how to scramble my eggs."
Oh Grams...

Happy Friday, Friends!
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  1. Yeah, Mike and Ikes wouldn't make it far here either. I love those things!

    1. I love them too! Mike and Ikes are almost a separate food group for me :)

  2. Totally love your Grams.
    And tell The Man I'm with you. Mike and Ikes are for eating!

    1. My Grams is awesome.
      Mike and Ikes. On popcorn, remember? That's how I roll.

  3. Oh, your group sounds like my group. I swear we are competitive over anything! LOL
    Your Grandma definitely knows what's what! LOL <3 <3 <3

    1. It's a healthy competition, I'd like to say. (Not sure if that's true or not...)
      My Grams could have a blog of her own if she wanted one :)

  4. Wow - funny competition! I am with you on 1. Yoga does count and 2. Black licorice anything is gross!

    1. I tell the man that he might as well just eat black jelly beans. At least then you know what you're getting :)
      Thanks for agreeing with me on the yoga. Now I have to show this comment to the man. LOL.

  5. I love your family! <3
    This trivia crack competition sounds like a blast. I may have to get my peeps to try it.
    We have boggle tournaments that are the stuff of legend.
    Holy Mike and Ike's! Awesome!

    1. Trivia Crack. Meg. Give it a try just for the family jokes.
      Boggle! I haven't played that in forever.
      My daughter gave me those Mike and Ikes for Christmas. It was the highlight of my December ;)

  6. I just love your family! The McDonalds comment is hilarious. OMG my hubs is totally addicted to Trivia Crack! He plays it every second he gets and is VERY competitive. I'm steering clear of that one. He also has a Fit Bit and brags about how many steps he has taken each day. Not for me---I'd still rather go to my zumba classes!

    1. I bet Zumba would add on the steps like crazy!!
      Trivia Crack has kept me in constant contact with my kids. That's a good thing, right?

  7. I'm playing Trivia Crack with my boys and we text each other the "talk smack" all the time! I love it :)
    Love what Gramma said!!

    1. So glad to know others "talk smack". It's all in good fun...until I lose. :)
      My Grandma is hilarious. She doesn't even know it; that's the best part!

  8. My children speak of this Trivia Crack and would like me to join. Now, I am even more sure that they would not be able to bear the humiliation they would face if I were to engage. Thank you for helping me with this dilemma. (Mike and Ike's don't last long at our house either. Just a bit longer than Skittles.)

    1. Your comment's second sentence is why I love you!
      Mmmm Skittles. It's a miracle I still have teeth.

  9. Even though you are competitive you family sounds warm and fun. Love your Gram's response regarding a man in her life! So wonderful for you that she is there for your children as well

    1. My grandma and I have always been very close. My mom had me at a very young age, so Grams has filled both rolls at one time or another for me. She is an amazing woman.
      My family; they are my world. We joke and laugh everyday. I'm beyond blessed. I just need to remember that more often. <3

  10. I think I'm going to try this Trivia Crack you speak of. It would be fun to spank my know-it-all teenager.

    1. "Spank"the teenagers. It needs to be a movement. Where do they get all that confidence, anyway??

  11. We can be a very competitive bunch and seem to find a way to turn just about anything into a competition. Just ask anyone who has ever dared to step on the backyard badminton court with us. I still can't believe some of the smack talk that comes from the kids. I've managed to stay away from Crack Trivia even though I've been challenged to start playing it multiple times.

    Lifetime and Hallmark channel movies are one of my specialities, although I must admit the movies on Hallmark during the holiday season are pretty easy to guess (just watch for a minute to pick up the main theme and then add a "Christmas" before or after that to get a title).

    Blackjack is a little harder to play when you not only can lose to the dealer but are also tempted to eat your winnings when you do win. I thought G&P was prefect so you could keep that huge box of Mike and Ikes intact.

    Thanks for another funny blog post. Can't wait to see what the fly sees and hears next month.


    1. Badminton. Man, I try to push that madness out of my head until Spring :)
      I'll hook you up with the Trivia Crack game. By that I mean, I'll have one of our kids do it.
      I can't open the big Mike and Ikes. I'd never stop eating them and then I'd have to be on "My Strange Addiction". Then I'd become famous and we'd never have any peace and quiet.

  12. bahahahahahhaaaaaaaa.....your grams! Love that lady!

    Miss our convo's FF! Do I need to play this game you speak of? ;)

    1. Our Grandmas rock, NIck Nack. How lucky are we? I miss gabbing too. FB still is so hard for me to keep up with. We need to text. Or play Trivia Crack... ;)

  13. love how you all get along so well...what a great family you have. That Grams...she's a character.

    1. I love my houseful, Karen. I'm blessed in the "Family-you-create" department, for sure.
      My Grams is definitely a character. She's one-of-a-kind <3

  14. i love your post,and thanks for your sharing.

  15. I'm late commenting, but then I'm behind on everything at the moment...

    I don't understand how I didn't get the "loves black licorice" gene. Everyone else in my family has it (Mom, Dad, Mark, Natascha, etc.). But, I'm with you, Good & Plenty in no way count as candy. I always preferred Good & Fruity. Having only black licorice around is one of the only ways to kill my sweet tooth. I'm in no way tempted to snack.

    I hope you're doing well!

    1. This is why I love you. Black licorice is the opposite of candy :)


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