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Friday, February 24, 2012

Three things you WON'T find on Pinterest..

You know how you can gaze for hours at all the ideas on Pinterest? Sure you do. Please, please tell me I'm not the only one...

There are a million and three ideas on that site and I swear I'm addicted to taking as much of it in as possible. It's wonderful to see all the creativity in the world as well as all of the generous people willing to share new ideas. Many times I've looked at pages and thought, "Hey, I did that too!" or "I can't believe I didn't think of that!" or "How much money and time do those people have?" Yeah, the last one is said most often...

I was making my bed this morning and looking around the bedroom. Hmm. What if someone took a picture of it? What would I want people to see? And then I started to laugh. Loudly. Because the thought of someone capturing the junk in there is nothing short of comical. Why would anyone photograph such stuff? ....Oh yeah, because they write a blog...about imperfection. Hey, I'm a giver.

So ladies, be prepared to have your socks knocked off at three pieces of non-Pinterest worthy gems found in my "Master Suite". It's always okay to be a bit envious....

#1 The Ugliest Lamp on the Face of the Earth.

 In what was one of my "off" days of junking, I picked up this little lady. Yes, she's brassy and heavy. She also has a plug that probably dates back to the days of Edison. Perhaps the lamp WAS Edison's.... The husband warned me that it was probably not something I'd want to update, but I didn't listen. (shocking, I know.) Instead, I brought it home, put it where I thought it might go, and absolutely hated it. With my head hung in shame, I brought it up to our room where it does not match a thing. That lamp takes up space we do not have and stares at me like the two-headed monster it is. I need to give it away, but who could I do that to???

#2 The Bread Machine.

On my chair. In the bedroom. Really? This is the second machine we've purchased. The first one caught on fire one night while it was pretending to make cinnamon bread. We bought this one, but I can't bring myself to plug it in. I have a hideous fear of fire, and even though this is probably a perfectly-working appliance, I'm pleading "crazy" and giving it away. I know. How in the world can I not use a new bread machine but am willing to purchase a lamp that some one's great-great grandmother might have darned socks under? I have no rhyme nor reason; you know that... Anywhoo, it's waiting patiently for a new home.

#3 The Dreaded Sock/ Mitten Basket.

Dear heavens, people. I have washed 3000 loads of laundry and still have yet to find the matches to these orphans. I am pretty sure I will never find the mates, but on the small chance that one of our children clean their rooms, or somehow we clear our disaster of a garage and find even ONE sock or mitten, I keep that basket. Seriously, there are infant socks in there. We probably have enough money to replace the stained light blue mitten with a hole in the pinkie finger....but what if? What if we find it's mate? Ugh. So, it sits there (and probably always will) until I'm convinced those little loners are truly destined to live their lives out as rags or puppets.

There you go. 3 totally non-brag-worthy pictures. Oh my goodness, if there were ONLY three.

Isn't life grand? Feel free to tell me about your item(s) of shame..I'm hoping there are many others out there who don't live in magazine-ready homes...

Happy Friday, friends.


  1. This post was a little long so I just skipped to the end. You asked, so, here are my items of shame:

    1. Enough old computers to start my own old computer museum (or at least a pinterest page if I had the time and money).
    2. Socks missing a mate that I keep under the bed - need to figure out where the wife puts the ones she finds.
    3. A brand new bread machine we keep in our bedroom (in case we get hungry at night?)
    4. A lamp that the wife thinks belonged to Thomas Edison and I don't have the heart to tell her otherwise.

    Oh, the shame!

    1. Ah ha ha, you sly man-o-mine!! You should start a blog, really. It should be about your computer building empire and the woman who stands beside you. Epic. Thanks for reading that whole darn post. You rock at commenting <3

  2. Shel,
    You KNOW I love you with all my heart, BUT this morning, your husband wins the "how far can Nickie shoot coffee through her nose-laughing" award!
    You guys are so darn cute!
    Items of shame, you ask? I have none. None! Okay, I plead the 5th.....
    Oh, and would Mark mind sending me an old computer monitor? This one is getting kinda yucky....

    Good to see you this morning. :)

    All my <3

    1. Aw, Nick Nack. He didn't come out of the box that way! That my dear, is 20 years in the making...Pretty impressive, eh? <3

  3. Oh, dear! I will say that putting one's home on the market means that all those shameful things must disappear. Since all closets and cupboards are fair game to any prospective buyers, and since this is North Dallas where everyone expects everyone else's home to be perfect (even though none of our own are) all the shame HAD to go. Enter the storage unit!

    1. Hilarie, I remember saying I would NEVER move again for that very reason. God bless the inventor or storage units! Good luck on the selling/buying game and Cheers to finding your forever home :)

  4. I love this post! We certainly have our share of lonely socks as well. This summer I brought myself to seriously clear out our STUFF. And I blogged about it. Episodes 1-8 of which 8 is still under construction.

    PS: how can a bread machine catch fire???

    1. It was awful, Tamara. We smelled smoke during the middle of the night. I had preprogrammed the bread machine for the morning. It must have bubbled over into the workings of the motor. I've been scared to plug in anything I'm not present to watch "over".
      I'll have to check out your organizational series :)


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