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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day Four of Forty (Ah-choo?)

Everyone is sick at my house. Chest colds, runny noses, stomach bugs; you name it, we've got it. We are an equal opportunity house under quarantine..I'm banking on a miracle ala Lysol, six boxes of tissues, some Pepto and a bottle NyQuil that we will all be well enough by Monday..Hmmm

My story today is not about the unwell, though. No, I'd like to instead share with you a conversation that went on with my middle and youngest child this afternoon while watching "How Do They Do It?" on the Science channel. Yes, we're those people. On a Saturday. Laid out with our blankets, Kleenex, hot drinks and the remote. Who has the energy to do anything else?

The episode on T.V. included a segment on how Caviar is made. In case you aren't well-versed in the production of fancy-eatin' fish eggs, I'll fill you in. The female Sturgeon are physically grabbed, sliced, squeezed of their eggs and placed back in the water..It's as ugly as it sounds. While watching this intriguing television show, THIS is the conversation that ensued -

The Youngest: "That's really gross how they cut her belly. I bet it hurts a lot. I'm glad I'm not a girl."

The Middle Child: "That's how you were born, too..."

The Youngest: "Uggggghhhh! Mom!!!! Is that true? They cut your belly? Did it hurt? Did they have to glue you back together?"

Me: "Do we really have to talk about this now?"

The Middle Child: "Of course it's true and they don't use glue..they use staples...Right, Mom?"

Me: "Yes, that's true.. and yes it IS painful, but you get over it, and.."

The Youngest "MOM!!!!! That's so disgusting!"

Me: "What?"

The Youngest: "I've been using that stapler for years!!!"

Uh huh. That's my world, friends. All wrapped up like a cute little cough drop.

Dang educational T.V.

I guess if anything, I should be grateful that this was as far as the conversation went. (Guitar making was the next segment of the show..)

I'm also quite thankful that the youngest, very-curious child was born via C-section..

Happy Saturday :)


  1. I'm thankful for all the tissues, NyQuil, food, hot drinks and love from shellybean as she nurses us sickies back to good health. All that and putting up with a 5 hour science channel marathon and all the questions that come with it!

    You rock, shellybean!

  2. That is hilarious! I hope you all feel better soon.

  3. I am sorry you all are not feeling well. I hope everyone feels better soon. But, how funny of a conversation to have. Let me share one with you.
    I was working out and had a sports bra on. Quinn says to me, "Mommy, your belly is bad!" i asked him what he means..."It looks mushy like applesauce!!". I go on to explain to him that it was all of his fault. And yes, the huge scare on my belly is from him too. Kids! Love you all.

    1. Kids say the darndest things, eh? I do love how they mean exactly what they say. When exactly do we gain that speak-filter? I'm not sure I'm even there, yet! Love you, sis!

  4. Ha! Super funny....and quite cute.
    My adventure with "how did babies???..... and all that jazz" happened when my girls were about ages 5 and 7. A dear friend of mine with 2 daughters just about the exact same age as my two, had also been dealing with the "questions". She was due to have her 3rd child very soon and she was seeing a wonderful mid-wife that would loan her amazing videos of natural child-birth. After them questioning us so MANY times about how this baby was going to make his way into the world, we sat them down, (with US also) in-front of the T.V, and watched the video. Talk about real life science! HA! You could of hear a pin drop the entire 30 minutes! (okay...there was some panting, groaning, screeching, and a cry at the end....but nothing from all 4 girls) When it was over, we asked them if they had any questions. After a long pause, my oldest spoke up. "So mom, thats how babies come OUT, how do they get IN there?"
    Thats when we went home. Ugh. Darn kids and their quest for knowledge! :)
    So far the boys have NOT asked any such questions. Maybe their sisters will have the answers for them. If not, it's their FATHER'S turn! HA!!
    Thanks for the BIG smile this morning. :)

    Your FF. <3

    1. Nick, you NEED your own blog I love your stories. Kids are hilarious blessings, for sure. DO you even recall having these condos with your parents?? Maybe I just didn't want to know! LOL


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