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Monday, February 27, 2012

Day Six of Forty: "Zippy-di-do-da!"

Hey-o, friends!

I've been overwhelmed this winter with a ton of fabric scraps. There's not enough of one kind of material to make a whole bag, but there is too much to warrant throwing any of it out.

Either way, it was causing one of those piles that you store in a corner...
then realize you're looking for a certain piece of fabric...
but that piece is on the bottom of the pile.
You  decide to pull it out magician-style,
and it all falls over.
So finally you remember fifty other things you'd rather be doing
than folding uneven pieces of fabric into a pile; color-coded, no less.
That happens to everyone, right?

I promised myself (and the man) that I would try to use up some of the fabric I already own before bringing any more into the house. Trust me, that WAS the plan. But this afternoon, dropped off a few yards of some incredibly gorgeous new spring cottons. I'm not going to lie to you, they are bee-you-tee-full!! Thank you, Springtime and thank you adorable UPS man! I call fair on the delivery though, because the fabric is for custom orders.

The husband was home sick today.. so when the delivery truck stopped in front of our home, I ran to intercept "whatever" was being delivered. Ahem. Me trying to sneak that package into the house, looked like nothing short of a drug deal...Yes. Yards of Kona cotton is my drug of choice and my dealer drives a brown box truck and wears shorts in the winter.

Back to the leftover fabrics. What to do, what to do? About a week ago, I decided that I wasn't going to let the scraps go to waste,  so I made a bunch of little Zippys. Do you remember the Zippys?

Zippy pouch prizes

They are little wallet-sized zipper pouches that are made with cute fabrics and lined with sometimes, even CUTER fabrics. They are small enough to throw in your bag, but just big enough to hold the important things, like a phone, tissues or credit cards. If you're me, they hold lipstick, business cards and emergency chocolate. What more does a girl need?

The pouches are adorable and will be up in the store throughout this week. Go give them a peek and help out a girl who is trying to get her hands on that new fabric...Mmmm. Ya know, I don't REALLY have a problem. I CAN stop any time. Just one more yard of new fabric; that's all I need...

Seriously, look out for those cute little Zippys. A few of you already have one, but you might need another and you can always give one away as a gift. They're a great deal at between five and seven bucks each plus shipping. Be patient. They take a while to load in the shop. I just want to give you a heads-up that they are coming...Any questions? Any testimonials? What do/would you keep in yours? You know where to leave your comments.

These are the Zippys going into the shop this week :)

Every girl needs at least one, right?

I went to take a pic to show you how big a Zippy was and realized I needed my phone for that (duh!), so that Blackberry belongs to the man. If I threw in the chocolate, I MIGHT be able to sell him a Zippy. Silly Rabbit. There isn't any more chocolate.

Have a beautiful Monday, friends.


  1. First zippys will hit the shop Tuesday at noon :) If there is a color you're looking for, let me know here and I'll try to post that first. :)

  2. I thought I heard your dealer's delivery guy today (a big brown noisy truck is hard not to notice - I would suggest another mode of transportation for your special deliveries if you are trying to keep it secret). As with any good dealer, the key is to get other people hooked so you can support your own habit. I have a feeling the goods are going to go fast since you have a premium product. I'm not worried about it now. When you are peddling zippy pouches out of the trunk of your car, then I will worry about it!

    1. Mark, when I get to the point where I'm peddling out of a car, I will make sure to ask the UPS man if I can use his that legal? :)

  3. HA!!
    My drug of choice? Well, it begins with a "B" and ends in "G" and has LOTS of sparkles in the middle. And yes, my driver also drives a VERY loud truck.....darn him! ;)
    Now, on to what zippy I want. I already have one in my rather LARGE shellybean assortment. It matches my purty pink par-taaaay purse! ME loooooves it!!! I carry change, lip gloss, hard candies, and whatever else is small and falls to the bottom of my never ending, bottomless pit of a shellybean bag. And did I say how pur-tay it is??? So, what color do I want??? Hmmmm....... thinking something that goes with my surprise Christmas gift. The black and white shellybean bag. I was also drawn to the number and letter(?) pattern one. And...and...the adorable one with the umbrella holding lil girl on the front!!!!!..... ACK!!!!!
    Sorry, too much coffee this morning. I'm easily excitable. :)
    I think I will take ALL 3. Unless one or more have been spoken for. I can gift them....or not.
    Let me know!!
    Love ya!! Your FF
    p.s. Mark, you and Dave have WAY more in common than you know.... ;)

    1. Nick, your drug of choice has ALWAYS been BLING! As far as zippys go, I put the ones you like in the shop first. If you want them, they are yours. I can make you anything you want. BTW, thanks for your FB love. You are an amazing friend.

  4. Yay for Zippy's!!!! I have two and they are wonderful. I use them for everything from make-up bag to holding baby wipes. They hold up great to the beatings I've put them through. With this being said, I would like one is every color! Love it!!!

    1. Anon, you are so sweet. Baby wipes? I need to make a few with plastic linings... ;) Thanks for commenting!

    2. What a wonderful idea!! Baby wipes!

  5. I'll head on over and snag one before they're gone!

    1. C, I still owe you for your free FB gift! Thank you for being such a cute friend. I love that you leave comments on this crazy blog!

  6. Oooh--what a pretty assortment! I love the bright colored kitty one! And, the brown background with turquoise and purple flowers one that matches one of my favorite shellybean bags. But, they're all so pretty and fun, that I'd treasure any of them.

    1. Nicole, thanks for stopping by the shop and picking up your zippys. I'm glad you found one to match your bag! Thanks also for your well wishes and for texting with Mark while I was three sheets tot he wind. One day, we will have a healthy house. So much love to you :)


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