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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hey Blog friends,  are any of you still out there? Sorry it has taken me so long to post. It is the end of the school year and we have had more than enough going on here. As I look back and as busy as we were, I really tried to enjoy the moments that left us frazzled, sad and excited. Sad and excited because so many things are changing in our little family. You know how people say they've seen their lives flash before their eyes? That's how I'm feeling lately.

On Monday, our youngest graduated from  preschool. He spent the last two  years singing and coloring and and dancing and building.....everything a preschooler should do. And now, my baby will be preparing to go to Kindergarten.

On Friday, our middle child graduated from elementary school. He will be entering 7th grade in the fall. The year brought a lot of lessons for my boy. He grew both physically and academically. He was able to place regionally in the science fair, win a first place medal in the Math/Science Olympiad, and was awarded the school's Hope of America Award. He gets all of these traits from the husband. Yes, I may be the teacher in the family, but I would only take the credit if he'd been awarded "Most Sarcastic" or best "disco dancer" or even "the child most likely to name a type of chocolate while blindfolded"; alas he happens to be an analytical, brilliant little man, just like his father. I am so proud.

Our oldest will be a junior next year. She had a very successful year as well. This year the braces came off, she got her driver's license, went to prom,  kept her 4.0 and her sense of humor. She is everything I want to be when I grow up.

More important than any certificate, grade or diploma; my children are kind people. They are polite (outside of the house), they try to get along with everyone (outside of this house) and they're respectful to adults (well, you get the idea..)
So here we are. Everything is moving in warp speed. I'm kind of scared to watch it all unfold. At the same time, I try to remind myself at every turn, how very blessed and lucky I am. I love so many things in my world, but those three kids? They are my greatest achievement. Now if we could only live the next few years in slow motion....
Happy weekend friends.


  1. You've nailed my feelings exactly, shellybean. It's been a whirlwind, happy and sad (mostly for me because I'm trying not to wish my kids were little again). You're a great mama...

  2. The kids are so big and wonderful! I miss my favorite kids Alex and Chris and I wish I had the chance to know Jonah. Sadly time continues to speed up as they get older instead of slowing down. You just need to live in the moment as much as you can! Love ya

  3. This is beautiful Shel!


  4. You made me tear up. :)
    You have amazing kids and so do I. I feel like calling my Mom and saying "See??? They didn't turn out like me at all!!!" The curse has ended...well, not really. You read my posts and see the pictures, just don't let my Mother know. heehee! :))
    Hope your having a fabulous summer so far, my forever friend.
    Miss ya!! <3 Nick Nack


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