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Monday, October 25, 2010

It's a really good thing I'm not into lifting weights.....

Hello old friends! I can't imagine any of you are still following this blog. I closed my eyes and summer was gone. And then September. Suddenly, it's nearing the end of October..... Ahhh! How does this happen?

Well, let's see...We DID get that floor in the living room finished. It is pretty straight and we're all still living under one roof- I'm calling that a flipping miracle. Because the work never ends and the floor turned out so well, I asked the husband if we could replace our base boards. They were small, heavily scratched and cracked. We're assuming they must have been original to the house because when we tried to pull them away from the wall, we could only conclude that someone was scared they wouldn't stay. Those babies were attached with nails longer than my arms. It's a great thing I don't exaggerate.....

So. On to the post title. Why is it a good thing I'm not into lifting weights? Um, that would be because they are the "nails" holding up my new base boards. Oh sure, we started two of the walls. But then something came up, like, I don't know. Some one's dinner party? Water main break? No electricity? Probably not. More like...."What's for dinner?", " I need to check Facebook."  "Want to talk to the neighbors?" ...Oh, if there is a job to be done, be sure we will come up with any reason not to completely finish it. Don't feel bad for us. We'll get there. I just have to call a friend and have her "ask" my husband if we might have any weights she could borrow.....

Here is  one of the "cleanest" views of the berber floor. See the teeny tiny baseboards?

Here is a view of the new floor. I really love it. The floor still squeaks in places. We replaced a lot of the floorboards. I was amazed at how "Not Square" the room was. Look at how cute the new baseboards are! The ones you see are actually nailed in. Woo Hoo!

These, not so much :)

Happy, Happy Autumn, friends!!


  1. Wow! Awesome!! Beautiful job, Marriott's. Now, get to Michigan and help me do some remodeling!! could just loan me your handy-dandy wife. I would put her to very good use, after lunch dates, dinner dates, late night "girl" movie dates, wine drinking dates..... you get the picture. :)

    Love ya~
    Your forever "just-around-the-corner" friend

  2. I would love nothing more than to go on any of those dates, dear friend...... Thanks you for the compliments!


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