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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Okay. So I think I know Victoria's Secret......

While browsing in another resale shop, I found some really cute vintage patterns. Not 1912 vintage; more like late '60's- early 70's vintage. They caught my eye when I spotted some gorgeous sketches of women with "smart" hair. These ladies were sporting very cute dresses and blouses and I was reminded how fashions, like so many things, come back around with time. ( Please, I beg you future designers.... for all that is good- keep the leg-warmers and neon socks neatly in the 80's where they belong.) Anyway...I had to pick out a few. There was a blank space on my craft room wall and I had a plan. (and they were only 25 cents each! Come on now, who could pass that up?)

I loved the packaging so much, I decided to choose four of my favorites-

I bought four frames at the dollar store and painted them "ballet slipper pink" (hey, that's what the can called it) from Krylon. I centered the patterns into each and then backed them with aqua cardstock.
Yeah, they're a little what? :)

And then... I hung them on the glaring blank space in the room. Okay, no I didn't. The husband did. But it's only because he knows how to center and level and NOT knock out drywall and all that fancy stuff. Before you start tsk-tsk-ing me, I DO know how to do those things, but I really have a problem spacing things evenly; especially when the hooks to the frames are not properly spaced. (Dollar store, remember?) So here they are- all cute and even like little OCD soldiers.-

See?  Not a square foot of available space left." That is a quote from the man with the level. In case you missed it, THIS was my all time favorite pattern. I had to hang it but kept the directions for future use. I guess if you ever have too many shellybean bags, (is that possible?) I could always whip you up a pair of panties underpants lingerie bottoms underwear. Man I love to wear them, but hate any word that describes them. (#62 on my crazy list). The only question is your preference. Satin? Cotton? Nylon?  Boy shorts? Cheekys? Bikinis? Grandma-loving-hip hugging-under- the-bra drawers?

That leads us to the title of this post. What,  you ask IS Victoria's secret? Well, after reading the pattern, I'm guessing that.....other than the the sexy models......besides the tiniest bit of fabric and lace.... Get ready for it girls.......because the answer has to be.......a ginormous, never- ending, buy-more-than-one package, boatload amount of.......................ELASTIC! Ugh.

Happy Thursday, friends :)


  1. what in the world?! I never knew you made hand bags?!!? Where have I been? They are adorable!! I love your craft room..yes I am saying that with a whole bunch of jealousy!! Love your blog! You make me smile (like always)! Where do you sell them? So where do I sign up for the drawing? I sat here for the last 15 minutes reading all your blog messages! Thanks for making my night great!! Hey, if you ever want to trade hair do's for bags sign me up:) How are things going? I miss you! I would love to do lunch!! Thanks again for sharing your talents..not fair all that and looks too!!! :) Have a great day!! Love, Roxanne

  2. Hey Shel are you selling your bags? if so we can swap banners for each other's sites and get to more craft buyers! :-) either way cool blog!

  3. Hi Steph- You'll have to e-mail me and tell me about swapping banners....I'm not sure how to do that :)

  4. @Rox-I'm so glad you like the blog! Thank you for your kind comments- I smiled while reading your words and remembered.....I MISS you, girl!!!! I would love to have lunch and catch up. You are the last one to cut my hair. That should tell you how badly I need to swap!!! Ha! Love to you :)

  5. I love the pictures. What a cute idea. I sometimes like to take those "high fashion" photos out of magazines (the ones where you're not really sure what they are selling but everything looks fabulous) and frame those. But I like the pattern pics you chose, I love the way they look on your wall and give such an artsy creative vintage feel! Love it :) <3 Savannah

  6. Let me know when will work for you on the hair and the lunch!!! I would love to get together!


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