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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Five things...

Five things that made me happy today. Why five? Well....

1. I finished FIVE bags this afternoon. It has taken me forever to put the final touches on these, and I'm very excited to show them to you. I'll post them soon. (tonight or tomorrow)

2. My FIVE year old wrote his numbers 0-65 all by himself!

3. I sold FIVE bags this week. Woo Hoot!

4. I bought a FIVE pound bag of  huge lemons from Costco. We have been living on super-sour lemonades, strawberry lemonades, ginger-lemonades, and for dessert for the grown folks? Electric lemonades. I love finally having summer fruit.... Stores with fresh strawberries, blueberries and pineapple at affordable prices? I'm in heaven.

5. Number FIVE on my list of things that made me happy today? Well it has nothing to do with the number five. It really should have been number one. You see, I bought some new clothes for the teenager. Without her. I know. What was I thinking? But guess what? She liked them! What? You read that right, friends. She REALLY liked them! I mean "tried-them-on-and-twirled-around" liked them! Be prepared for the next part of this story, lest you fall off your chairs.  Because then.....(I'm shaking here)....she said, "Thank you, mom!" and hugged me. Holy Hannah!  I don't quite know what I did to deserve the final shocking occurrence. I've heard it is a rare sight that happens once in a blue moon...but God as my witness, it happened......The teenager. She took those new clothes and..... Hung. Them. Up.  I can die now.

Happy Thursday friends :)


  1. You were walking on dangerous ground, buying those clothes. I'm so happy to hear you made it safely across!

    And I can't wait to see the bags! I'm loving mine (the strap is the perfect length- even when helping a three year-old potty at the store!)

  2. Love your 5 things! The toes in the picture look pretty darn cute too! :)

    I'm so impressed with your shopping I am with all your other abilities and talents.
    WOW! She really liked them! Awesome!! I have had that happen here once in a blue moon also. Believe it or not, Dave actually does a better job at getting the girls clothes and things for Christmas and Birthdays. Yeppers...I said Dave! Who knew Mr. Manly-Man knew so much about what the "in" crowd was wearing. I'm afraid to ask how he knows these things.... LOL!!!
    Now I'm off to look at some bags. I really do need another. Let's see what I can find.............:)
    Love ya!!! Nick Nack


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