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Friday, March 22, 2019

Fly on the wall: March 2019

Welcome to the March Fly on the Wall Group Challenge. This month, 7  bloggers and I are describing what it would be like if you were to take a peek inside our homes...

Have a "look" around mine, and then go visit the other blogger's pages. There's always something fun, sentimental, or better yet, embarrassing going on. It's like your house, only we're admitting to the craziness. You have our permission. Buzz on over!

Dream Big, Kid
J., (our 14-year old)  told me that local bank was sponsoring a "Career Day" at his school. In the a.m.,  each child would be given a portfolio based on their current grades and behavior. With certain requirements of a job and bills, the point was to see how to balance finances. (Awesome skill, right?) He'd seen other students go through the program before, earning hi-rise jobs and buying fancy cars. With his 4.00GPA, he thought he'd be in the big league. 

J. :(Looking Glum after school) "I should have stayed home."
Me: "Wasn't the career fair today? Weren't you going to have an "unreal" time?"
J: "It was UNREAL all right. They made me a teacher! A college teacher, but still."
Me: "You're the second person today to make fun of MY career choice, J."
J.: "It's not just that, mom. I have great grades and they made me have a wife who doesn't have a job!"
The Man: (Watching me jump from my chair) "Maybe she's living off of an incredible inheritance. Maybe she put in her work years early, or maybe she's raising the kids."
J.: "That's the other thing. I have two kids! Other students get to drive fancy cars to their jobs. I have to drive a sedan. What's a sedan?". (The same kind of car your parents drove for years with three kids!)
The man and I are laughing now.
J.: "I had to choose the middle-level grocery plan and health insurance. I didn't even say I wanted kids and I didn't know you HAD to have a health plan."
The man to me after J. left. : "Wow, he learned finance, sex-ed, and disappointment in one day. Public schools are teaching the important stuff."

I'm old.
Alexandra (my eldest), has always had her own bank account and credit/debit card but realized she recently needed to order some checks. You know, the paper things we used to pay bills with. A few texts of hers from our conversation made me laugh:

A.: "I just got my first box of checks! I've never felt more adult in my life. I keep looking at them and I'm just like, 'This is it. This is the peak of adulthood greatness.'"
A: " I mean, I can pay for school pictures and lunches without envelopes full of pocket change!"
A.: "Let me get this straight. You paid credit card bills with checks?".
A.: "What happened if you lost a check?"
Me: What if I lost a check? This comes from the girl who auto-pays for everything and takes pictures to deposit their checks? Trust that you have more faith in the system than me. Now, show me how to online deposit like that."

Matte is the new black.
I thought it would be a fabulous idea to paint every one of my interior house doors black. It would be a big project so I could break it up into pieces. No big deal. I buy this creamy automotive paint because I know someone who tried it on their doors and loved it. Good enough for me. One weekend I paint 7 of the thirteen doors. I hoped I could do more, but the paint and my energy ran out. 2 weeks later I start on the rest of my doors with the second can of paint I just bought. Not only did I paint the remaining doors, I decided to do touch-ups on every other door. I was a bit upset because the newly painted doors weren't drying the same way the others had. It took my big brain another hour to realize that the paint was shiny, not wet. I had painted the second set of doors (as well as touched up the others) in a gloss, not a matte like the first can. Now I have 13 black doors. Some are shiny and the rest look like someone wiped chicken grease all over them with their greasy-arsed hands. Help me.

When little A. (age 5) was introduced to us, he was a non-verbal child. In the past year, his words have added up, but in the most meaningful ways. I love that he uses his words as he needs them. Nothing extra, just important enough to get his point across.  I was making marshmallow men with the boys and S. (age 4) was getting frustrated because his candy eyes wouldn't stick. A. took his marshmallow, got really close to S. and said, "grab it like dis," (he pinched out a piece of Marshmallow) "and push em in like diiiiiiis." (he gritted his teeth and pushed the candy really hard into the Marshmallow man's face) 
S. looked at his brother like he was freaking Mr. Wizard and the making of the Marshmallow Men commenced and were eaten.
Learning the letter M with Marshmallows.


Finally, Karma.
Remember the adorable story I told last week regarding the man and his queasiness for needles? Well, to make up for that, here's a pic from Monday. I was having a procedure done and the (very kind) nurse couldn't find a vein in my arm(s) for sedation. She tried my hand a few times before saying out loud, "Your skin is really tough." I tell you she said that exact sentence because it was the last thing I remember her saying before I passed out. Instead of the man laughing, he joined the nurse in waking my green self up.
I once said I'd never talk about my health. So much for that, eh? Honestly, I think at this age, I just need to see more people in backless gowns.  Let's face it. I owed this ridiculous photo to the man.

Happy Friday, friends!
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  1. I would say you were more a shade of white than green but you were a real warrior taking two needles in short order. It sure is entertaining to watch the kids and grandkids learn and discover. Sometimes the lessons they figure out on their own are the best ones. Like remembering to double check the paint can to make sure you are getting the right kind of paint. Thanks for the Friday laughs! Love, M

    1. I was going to say I was more of a grey color than anything. Thx for coming with me on that fun trip and not writing a blog post about it. ;) I don't even know if I have it in me to repaint those doors. Not one of the smarter moves I've made re: home improvement. 100 percent agreed on watching the kids (all of them) grow. I like this time in our lives.

  2. I'm sorry you struggle with your health but I'm glad you're talking about it, letting it out.
    And I will never post a pic of me in a hospital gown, you OWN that look, gorgeous inside and out no matter what you wear.

    1. Aw, Karen! Complimenting me on a pre-procedure look is all I've ever asked for! LOL. I love you and your continued efforts to push me forward in this world. <3

  3. You looked great in your gown. It is awesome compared to when I sat with my gown completely open while I was in lala land - oblivious to anything until a kind man closed it for me! Sorry you are still struggling with your health issues.

    1. Oh no Carol! Ha! What a sweet man he was to help you out. THose gowns really could benefit from zippers. I'm really hanging in there these days. Thank you. <3

  4. Ridiculous nothing! Only you could look gorgeous in a hospital gown, girl. I love hearing about your family and your home, greasy fingerprints and all. It makes me feel closer. Miss you all SO much!!! Take care, girl!! ♡

    1. Stacy, we miss you too. I'm so glad you visit the blog to read about the crazy parts of our lives. It's fun to share and laugh at ourselves. Those greasy doors though, girl. THey need work! <3

  5. LOVE the convo you had with J. I think ALL schools should teach these life skills to students. Your grand kids are adorable! Hope the procedure you had wasn't anything serious and I hope you're feeling better now!

    1. I think so too, Marcia. Life skills are hard to come by as it is. Schools could benefit children by teaching kids how to save money, do taxes, buy groceries..etc. The procedure was difinitely helpful. Thanks so much for stopping by <3

  6. I love that J's school did that. Preaching to the choir, J! The world makes you think being an adult is amazing! It's good public schools are crushing dreams with reality one day at a time. ;) I just want to say- I still think checks are AMAZING. We love our babies so much. I love how much A takes care of his brother. <3 Last but not least, I agree with everyone above- only you could pull off a picture in a hospital gown! We absolutely love our mama and gramma and the fact that she's such a beautiful warrior. :)

    1. Being an adult is hard, man! I think it's wonderful that you're part of the check-writers of America. LOL. I love you and your family forever. ps. You're one of the best adults I know.

  7. Aww love the M work. And about those doors, sounds like something I may or may not have done.

    1. I'd rather make a lot more M projects than paint those dang doors. :( <3

  8. How is it you can make sitting in a hospital gown look so darn cute??!!
    I'm sorry you had to have yet another procedure, even if reading about it did make us all chuckle!
    Oh! That sweet man of yours? I think you should consider keeping him. :)

    Poor J! His dismay had me rolling!! I love that they still do this in school! Hilarious!

    Omgoodness! Those boys! I love when A posts pics of them on fb! They are just the cutest lil guys! And it makes my heart smile (and a little jealous..) to see them doing fun stuff with grandma!

    Miss you ff!

    1. FF, you are the sweetest liar I know!!I was 3 sheets to the wind that day :)
      I actually love that they di this in school too. It's a good lesson in putting a price on the world!
      I have to admit, I love being a grandma, even though it came on fast! WHen you get there, I'm absolutely buying you a nursery camera and hooking it up to my computer. Both creepy and sweet! Oh, and A? She is the cutest mom since, well, US! Love you, Nick Nack


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