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Friday, December 18, 2015

Fly on the Wall: December 2015: Questions

Welcome to the December Fly on the Wall Group Challenge. This month, 11 brave bloggers and I are describing what it would be like if you were to take a peek inside our homes....

Have a "look" around mine, and then go visit the other blogger's pages. There's always something fun, sentimental, or better yet, embarrassing going on. It's like your house, only we're admitting to the craziness. You have our permission. Buzz on over!

In the cast this month:
The man
C., The middle (son, 17)
J., The youngest (son, 11)

I'm usually asking, "WHY?" around here. A lot. And pretty loudly. But you already know that. This month, a fly on the wall might have heard more questions.  Some of the queries even had answers.

Just wondering:

Me: "What is that contraption sitting on my towel bar?"
C.: "It's an automatic soap dispenser."
Me: "Where did it come from?"
C.:  "Oh. Our store's bathrooms got new dispensers, so I brought the old one home for you. I thought it would be cool. Plus, you're always talking about not spreading germs, so I figured you'd love it."
Me: "You brought that home. From your store. Used?? Do you see anything wrong with that?"
C.: "Mom. I didn't steal it. My manger knows about it. It's totally okay."
Germ free?

Me: (rolling my eyes) "The weather channel is calling for a measurable snowstorm. Are they over-reacting?"
Mother Nature: "Um..."
My front yard. After all was said and done: 15 inches
Me: (to C., panicking). "You are NOT driving to school in this weather, are you?"
C.: "Of course!  Quit worrying."
The man: (to C.) "I shoveled the drive, but you're going to have to clear off your own car."
C: "Okay! I will." (Because it was no big deal.)
 3 hours later. He took the bus, people.
Really, Mom?:

Me to C.: "All you've been doing with your free time is playing that video game. What happened to the days of 'making art, or doing something creative?"
C: "Really, mom? 'Making Art?"
Me: "You know what I mean. Something OTHER than playing that video game."
C: "The video game is called 'Fallout'."
Me: "Yay for 'Fallout'.  Just do me a favor and do something other than "playing" Fallout all night?"
C: (not looking up from the controller) "K."

A few days later.

The man: "Did you see what your son made?"
Me: "Which son?"
The man: (in a super-impressed voice) "C.!"

I follow him to the basement.

The man: (pointing to 5 bottles) "C. made those!"

Me: "They look kind of cool. What are they?"
The man: (questioning exactly how I fit into our family.) "Haven't you ever heard of 'Fallout?' They're from that game. C. made those! " (He shakes his head at me.) "I swear. That kid is so creative."

A friend: (after last month's post) "Did you ever finish the fireplace?"
Me: "Partially. I still have to put another coat on the bricks and paint the brass insert black. I'll definitely have it done by Thanksgiving."

Thanksgiving (with room decorated to defer the viewer from seeing the brass insert)

Me: "Okay, so I didn't paint the brass-y part. It will absolutely be done by Christmas." 

Me: "I have a REALLY strong feeling that brass may be back by Spring."

Speaking of the holidays:

Me: (to J., C., and The Man) : "Can we please talk about something other than Legos, video games, or computer stuff?"

J., C., and The Man (in a united front): "Sure we can. There IS a movie showing soon..."

Me: "Is it Fallout?" 

Rhetorical questions of the month:

Me: (to the dogs, in my semi-annoying 'mama' voice) "Who loves their new sweaters, huh? Who wants to go outside and play in the snow? Huh???"

Not them.

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Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Love ya Brenda

    1. I hope you are happy and well. Merry Christmas to you, my sweet friend.

  2. Forget the bus I think I would have stayed home!

    1. My younger son did stay home, but C. had yearbook photos that day. Yep, he walked to the bus in his suit and tie. You're only a high school senior once, right? Fingers crossed.

  3. LOL, I'm sure brass will be back by Spring. That is absolutely something I'd say.
    Brass or not, your room looks beautiful. Merry Christmas.

    1. I've always been a break-the-rules kind of decorator. Please jump on the brass bandwagon. LOL. Thank you so much for commenting on that dang fireplace. It's already painted, but I still feel guilty about touching those bricks. Not regretful, but guilty.
      Happy Holidays to you, K. Cheers to 2016.

  4. Merry Christmas, Darling! Love to you and all of yours...

    1. Right back at you, doll. I'm always sending love your way. Still smiling at that beautiful gift. My heart is full.

  5. Love all the questions and the answers. The responses sure change as kids get older! It sounds like Fallout is some sort of "thing" now. Karen mentioned it in her post too.

    Very beautiful fireplace and decorations! I don't see the brass that much at all.:-)

    1. Haha! I just read Karen's post. It's definitely a "thing". I still don't "get" playing it for hours, but...
      The fireplace has been great therapy for me. Thanks for your compliment. Now, I'll have to think of how to hide that brass for January. ;)

  6. So many cute things in your FOTW post day! That's a heck of a lot of snow---three hours later and he still couldn't get the car out? Gosh---it has been 85 degrees here--I WISH we had cooler temps, but not THAT much snow! Your doggies are adorable and I think your newly done room is beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and your family <3

    1. Thank you so much, Marcia. I'm already dreaming of warmer (not hotter) weather. I swear, it didn't stop snowing for days. Now, we have icicles the size of swords.
      Now that the kids are getting older, my dogs are my adopted little ones. Even though Lila is probably 70-something in people years, she's my baby.
      Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your very full house!

  7. Love the room and I agree, by spring, brass will be the thing to have in home decor ( said as I look at brass light fixtures the landlord loves........)

    1. Thank you, Minnette. I worked hard at replacing a lot of the brass fixtures over the years. Now, I'm just tired. LOL. I'm just waiting on the trend for swaying mail boxes and half-way shutting garage doors. Can you say trend setter? ;)

  8. I'm with you on the automatic soap dispenser. People shouldn't have to touch it, but I can only imagine how many people did before they figured out it was automatic. That snow storm sure caused some excitement. I hope the rest of the snow this year stays in the mountains. Both C and J showed their creative sides with the pop bottles. And you showed yours again with the fireplace which turned out great, even if it took a little longer than you expected. Star Wars fever has been strong this month and you've done great putting up with it. Looking forward to a great holiday season with our family and those two silly dogs. Thanks for the great post.


    1. We had to wipe the thing down with its own anti-bacterial soap. ;)
      Cheers to a semi-stress free holiday! Right?

  9. My dogs don't want to leave the house, sweaters or no. We didn't get nearly that much snow, but you're at a high elevation. I was surprised - for the first time ever since I moved here, there was a snow-delay. Kids got an extra 2 hours of sleep!

    Was I right? Did they love Star Wars!? :)

    1. Robin, the snow was unbelievable! We are at the point that there isn't anywhere to shovel it. The mailbox is hidden. No way the dogs are putting up with that :) No delays here, but we kept the youngest home one of the days.
      Star Wars. Everyone loved it! I'm sure they'll all see it again as soon as they can. My daughter went twice.

  10. I'm SO jelly that you have snow for the holidays! Yes, the girl from the Mitten State is jealous because all we have here is rain and mud! Ack! I'm NOT a winter fan but if it has to be cold, I demand snow! Ha!
    Those pups of yours are precious! Loving the matching sweaters! Adorable!
    Hmmm...I don't know of this Fallout you speak of. I need to ask N and Z. Maybe then I'll understand the bottle "art". Lol!
    The fireplace is gorgeous! Wonderful job, Shel!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family, my FF.

    1. Nick Nack! I can't even talk about it. I can't believe it is so mild back home.
      My dogs: spoiled and very, well spoiled! I love 'em.
      The fallout love has not ended here. I'm sure your boys will be talking about it eventually. C. has already made more bottles that were requested by friends. I still haven't a clue.
      I miss you. And love you. Merry Christmas to you, FF <3

  11. I always love your post. Michele, I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    1. Happy Holidays to you, Dawn. I love that you still pop by the blog. Thank you for that. Please continue sharing your delicious recipes! <3

  12. Whow, that was a lot of snow you got there! Way to take the bus - took him a while to "surrender" though, right?

    OK, you need to tell me everything you find out about this Fallout game. It might kick me in the but in a couple of years. I already feel out of the loop now that Colin is playing Minecraft.

    Did you know I made a mobile, fake, red brick fireplace last year? It came alive this season again ;-) Your living room looks beautiful! I hope you had a nice Christmas! 🎄

    1. So much snow, Tamara! You know, it's hard for a teenaged boy to admit when the snow wins!
      I will teach you about Fallout when I've learned something. By the time Colin is old enough to play, the video game will probably be on its fifth edition :) MineCraft is still huge around here with the youngest.
      You will now have to paint your mobile fireplace white so we can match! I actually remember you making that!
      My Christmas was very nice. I hope yours was as well <3

  13. The fireplace looks awesome! I have never heard of Fallout but it looks like something one of mine would like

    1. Thank you so much, Ashley. I was pretty excited to see your name in the comments. I hope you are doing well! Fallout. All I know is it is why my oldest stood in line on Black Friday :) The boy never shops. Haha. On the , "There is hope" side, he also is learning how to collect a good vinyl collection for his new record player :)

  14. Hello! This is Jamie Moline, Remember me? So I kind of, maybe stalked you on the internet to find you because I had to tell you who I saw today. I was walking out of my kids school and in walked Alex. I knew right away it was her because she looks just like you. I couldn't believe it. Number one, it made me feel so old because she was in 3rd and 4th grade when we taught together and now she is all grown up. I can not believe she is old enough to be a teacher! She has grown up to be absolutely beautiful! The class that they are hiring for is my 4th graders class. I told her to tell you Hi! I hope things are going well for you!

    1. Hello, Jamie! Alexandra called me as soon as she got home to tell me :) I can't believe what a small world it is, or that you have a 4th grader!
      Thanks for being so sweet to Alex. Not only is she already a teacher, she's also already married. I feel so old! I don't think you've met our youngest. He is in 5th grade! And little Christian is graduating this year. It's wonderful to hear from you. Thanks for stalking and finding me! Haha. I hope you and your family are doing well. I'm always (slowly) going through my teaching materials for one reason or another. I have happy memories of you.


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