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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blog With Friends- Boo Crew in Effect!

Hello friends! Welcome to the Boo Crew! We are 6 bloggers who've joined together to bring you some scary-good ideas for Halloween.
Some are tasty, some are crafty; all are a lot of fun. Click on each link under the blog post you'd like to visit. When you get to each blog, say, "Trick-or-Treat!"or "hello!' Just let them know you're there. Everyone loves visitors.

 First up: My Mini Halloween Gates.
These are cute to set on a mantle, hang on your door, or stick out in a planter. Make as many as you'd like. They're a lot of fun to make with kids.

  • A pack of paint stirrers or shims. I bought a set of 24 (15") shims at Lowe's. $5.00
  • Various acrylic paints (Halloween colors work best)
  • Scraps of ANYTHING (felt, fabric,googly eyes, string, sharpies, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, sparkles, glitter, etc.) I know most people won't have all of this, that's okay. Use what you have. I was an early childhood teacher. It's embarrassing what I actually have on hand.
  • Brads or small nails to nail the posts and fence.
  • Hot glue (the brads don't always work, but look great)
  • letters (foam, wood, or, you can paint them on)
  • paintbrushes, sponges
  • newspaper or a drop cloth. Things can get messy.
  • craft glue/ q-tips (children can use this to attach details on to their sticks)
  • Snacks. Trust me.
  • The shims can give splinters. Sand them beforehand, or warn the little ones to be careful. Adults may want to paint the wood ahead of time.
  • Hot glue. Not for kids. An adult will need to help with this.
  • Attach brads with a hammer. Watch out for little fingers.
  • Wear old clothes. Acrylics are hard to remove from fabric.

1. Decide how many characters you'd like on your fence. 4-6 work well. Aside, hold 2 extra shims to use as the 2 horizontal fence pieces.
2. Using acrylics, paint each shim the color of desired characters. I painted 3/4 of the way down. The rest will be black for the "gate" base. When the paint has dried, you can begin to bling your characters out. This is a photo of my oldest getting ready to hot glue some googly eyes onto her mummy.
3. Use markers, fabric, glitter, or anything you can find to create your stick characters. Here is Dracula, Frankenstein and a ghost.
Here is the base of a pumpkin, a glitter Frankenstein, a masking-tape mummy and a...., well, I'm not sure. :)
4. Let dry. Arrange in the order you'd like.

5. Paint bases of each piece black.
6. Lay two pieces horizontally across the character sticks. Attach with brads or small nails. Due to the unevenness of the shims, we also hot glued the pieces into place. Finish by painting the complete fence base. We used a glitter paint to go over the black acrylic.
7. Paint any letters you'd like to create for your fence post saying. Glue on. You can also paint your sayings, or use foam letters.
 8. Clean up that mess!
9. Set them up and show them off :)
Happy Halloween!

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers participating in this month's Boo Crew! Click on the project below each photo to travel to the goodness :)
Happy Halloween, friends :)

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  1. SO cute!!! The kids and I are going to try this out if I can squeeze in the time! LOL

    LOVE IT!!!!!

    1. I hope you give it a try, Stacy. I had such a fun time making them with my daughter.

  2. Such a cute idea! Looking at your pics, I thought back to the first year of my marriage and all those holidays decorating our home. A is going to have so much fun this year and lucky you getting to help.

    1. She is so excited Ann. It was worth cleaning up for days after. LOL
      I was just thinking, you and I were probably knee deep in Elmer's glue a few times ourselves in my classroom :)

    2. And colored paper and crayons and laughter..... We could really make a mess. :) I always enjoyed those times. You always had such creative projects and the kids just blossomed.

    3. They were very ha[[y memories for me,a s well <33

  3. This is so cute and I love the idea of using paint stirrers, so easy to find and inexpensive. I need to try this, wish me luck!

    1. Good Luck, girl. If you want it on a smaller scale you can also use tongue depressors. Bigger scale, an actual fence.
      I want a photo if you make it!

  4. Yup. Going on my list for next year!! So awesome, and thank you for this post!

  5. Sooo jealous of your craft room! And what mess? I didn't see any mess... ;)

    1. Robin, that's my oasis. (aka my shellybean shop). It's always in a state of chaos; but I'd like to think it's organized chaos. LOL

  6. Thanks for letting me participate in this AWESOME Halloween craft! It was definitely a fun night full of laughs, glitter, and Mike and Ikes. Lovee you, crafty woman you. :)

    - Alex

    1. Ha! I love that I had someone to share the Mike and Ike's with. Well, at least spend time with someone who'd watch me eat Mike and Ike's...
      I love you and appreciate all you do for me <3

  7. Cant believe i married into such an artistic family! They look great and i love the warnings attached to this blog;) wish i could've been there to help!

    1. Warnings are from years and years of experience :)
      Thanks for lending me my daughter back. She's a gem ;)

  8. Trick-or-treat Michele!

    What a cute fun craft! I know it sounds silly but I would have never thought of this on my own. Looks like I will have to bookmark this for next years decorations!

    1. Jenn! Happy October, woman! No worries, I'm glad to throw something new out there :)
      If you ever make one, send me a picture!

  9. Super cute! Nice job!
    Now I need to know... do you take orders? And do you ship to Europe?

    1. Thanks, Tamara. Always taking orders. Anything for you :)

    2. I mentioned your cute crafts in my Halloween post:

    3. Thanks so much. I love how your characters turned out <3


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