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Friday, February 15, 2013

Fly on the Wall #3

Hey friends!  Welcome to the 3rd Fly on the Wall Group Challenge. This month, 14 VERY brave bloggers and I are describing what it would be like if you were to take a peek inside our homes....

Have a "look" around mine, and then go visit the other blogger's pages. There's always something fun, sentimental, or better yet, embarrassing going on.. It's like your house, only we're admitting to the craziness. You have our permission. How often can one say that?

If you were a fly on the wall at my house this month, this is what you would have witnessed:

Me- Yeah, that would be yours truly.
The Man- My husband
A.- The eldest child (daughter)
C. The middle child (son)
J. The youngest (son)

Regarding Lent:

The Middle Child: "I'm giving up being poor."
The Eldest: "I'm giving up sweets. No, wait. I'm giving up cake and cookies. I have a REAL Valentine this year. I am NOT giving up candy. Or chocolate. Or whatever "he" gets me..."
Me: "We're giving up fast food."
The Youngest (yelling): "Well what are we going to eat for dinner, then??"

The Blog:

Me: "I have to write about what funny things we said this month."
The Youngest: "I've said multiple funny things..just today!"

The Youngest: "I want something fun to do. No one is listening to me. A. and C. are always on their phones. Dad is always on his computer and mom is always on her blog!"
The Middle (and now grounded) child: "You just need an imaginary friend. We have them too. They live in our electronics. Yours probably lives under your bed."

Me: "Will one of you make a blog header for me? I need something new."
The middle child: "I'll do it."
Me: "Okay. I'll tell you what I want..."
The man (laughing and shaking his head) "Yeah, C. Good luck with that."
3 hours later....
Me: "It kind of looks like a little kid made it."
The Middle Child: "Well, I thought you wanted people to think YOU made it."
Me: "Very funny. Now your initials are going under it."

From the Living Room:

The Man to the eldest: "You know, as long as you're living under OUR roof..."
The Man to me: "Never tell my parents you heard that."

Me to The Man: "I am not going to sleep until I finish this puzzle."
The man: "That is going to take you all night. You can't finish that before bed."
Me: "Watch me!"
He doesn't. He goes to bed like a normal person would.
Me to the Middle Child: "I will give you $5 dollars to help me finish this puzzle."
The Middle: "But I have homework..."
Me (looking at the clock): "Okay. Twenty bucks."
The middle child: "Well, this piece goes here and this piece..."
Yeah. We finished it.

Playing the alphabet game with the three kids..
The youngest: "I have 'R'. My name is Roger. I come from Rrrrr..Rogerville, and I sell rrrrWrinkled people."
The middle: "That's not right. Wrinkled starts with..."
Me: (Making my mean-mom face). "Shhh. That's okay...."
The eldest (of course gets 'W'): "My name is Wilma. I live in Wyoming and I sell.....wrinkled people."
The older two laugh. The youngest is frustrated.
Me: "I need a drink chocolate."

That awkward moment... (this month)

When you run in your towel to let your daughter in the house, open the door and realize it's the mailman. This is why he usually stays in his Mail truck.

When your daughter comes home announcing a job change, saying she's ready to be a grown-up and you are putting together a puzzle with Red Vines coming out of your mouth. Oh, and Spongebob is on.

You move the kitchen island because you're ready for a change. You realize there is a ton of crap under it. You contemplate the situation and realize the vacuum is upstairs. You move the island right back where it was, matching up the dust spots exactly.

When you decide to practice yoga in the living room and realize there is more crap under the sofas than there was under the kitchen island.

When your three children are screaming at the top of their lungs while wrestling on the couch and all you can do is smile...and take pictures to bribe them with later.

The man: :"Don't pay any attention to J. screaming in the bathroom. C. is helping him pull out his tooth."
Me: "Was it really that loose?"
The man: "Probably not."

The eldest to me: "You know what I learned in Psychology today? 'Baby Can Read' is a lie. The whole thing is a scam."
Me: "I know."
The eldest: "Why didn't anyone tell me?"
Me: "You didn't ask."
The eldest." I feel like everything I've ever been told has been a lie." (where does she get that exaggerating thing from?)

and finally, (Drum Roll Please.)

Me to the middle child (my son): "Are you wearing my jeans?"
The middle child: "I don't know..."

Thanks once again to the Fly's creator, Karen @ Baking In a Tornado, aka "I'm-putting-a-fire-under-your-butt-shellybean-so-get-writing", for hosting this challenge!

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Happy 3 day weekend, friends!
- Michele


  1. Too funny! I would have done the same thing with the puzzle. And the imaginary friend in the electronics & under the bed comment is hysterical. My fave---the pulling of the tooth. OMG I laughed out loud on that one. You did a GREAT job on this Fly--I LOVE it.....and btw I think the header is cute--"C" did a good job!

    1. Thanks for all the love, Marcia. I love doing the fly because the whole family is always on. You know how that is. :) C. will be very appreciative of your sweet comment. Oh; the little man's tooth finally came out! XOX

  2. I love so much about this post. That you call your husband The Man, that the little one proclaimed he was already funny multiple times that day, the red vines & sponge bob! Great post and very entertaining!

    1. Thank you, Marcia! The Red Vines actually belong to the man, so don't tell... :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love the header!! He did an awesome job!!

    1. Thank you, Roshni. I will tell him; he will be so excited :)

  4. Laughing still. Love your solution to getting the puzzle done, I'm SO stealing that (while watching Sponge Bob)!

    1. Money talks, eh? Only with the kids. The man didn't care what I bribed him with. Yes, our marriage is at that point :) XOX

  5. Great job on the header! Thank you for your lovely comments this week - been a challenging one!! Love the things kids come out with - glad people don't hear/see all that goes on here.... Xx

    1. Thanks, Claire, I'm glad I could help a bit. I've been thinking of you so much since reading about your world lately. Stay strong. Never worry about people seeing what's going on. It makes everyone else feel normal. XOX

  6. Hahahaha!! I love what everyone is giving up for Lent ~ hilarious! How long did it last??

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. Hey Lanaya, I'm not sure about the kids; I think they're doing okay on the fast food thing. But....Grandma took them this weekend, so who knows? I'm sticking to it, but I'm having a french-fry meltdown... :)

  7. Wow. I mean, you picked some really good quotes, but there wasn't even one by me. It's fine though. I suppose I am the rather dull and dry-humored child anyway. Oh well. Congrats on having a hilarious family. It must be amazing to be related to us.
    Luff ya, Shellybean.


    1. Yeah, Yeah. My quotes were awesome and you did have some to say! The thing is, the funniest things you said this month were accompanied by photos, and, well...I just didn't think they could do you justice ...Hey! You were in at least three of these stories. The bottom line is that you can't rock the Fly if you're out with your boyfriend all the time. There is, however, always MARCH! It IS amazing being related to you; dry humor and all :) XOX

  8. "Never tell my parents you heard that." - Those moments are SOOOOO disturbing. Or having one of my sisters say "You sound like Mom." Yeek!

    1. !st of all, you have a great blog name!!! 2nd, whenever anyone says we sound like our parents, we cringe. Well, my husband cringes. I want to punch someone in the neck!! ;)

  9. Cleaning up the mess revealed by moving furniture is definitely not worth getting a new look ;) This was such a great post, had me laughing all the way through!

    1. I'm glad someone else supports the dust (and other crap) theory!! Totally not worth it until I assign it as a chore.. Thanks for the nice comment!

  10. This was a GREAT post! I could relate to the kitchen island scenario...that's definitely what I would have done. Enjoyed this so much.

    1. Lorinda, I'm always glad to meet people who are willing to hide a little (or a lot) of dirt!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope you come back again soon

  11. Oh goodness, I laughed so hard! This is great. I love your family so much. The wittiness and funny bones that run in your family just about bring me to tears!!!
    Miss you and love you all!

    1. Sav, thanks for stopping by! You know that we are smart alecs to the bone! Writing these each month makes me miss my sister and brother so much. Those FLYS would have been hilarious AND dangerous. May be I should write one about the texting we do..that's probably enough funny material to last me for months.

  12. Rick and I laughed and laughed as I read this to him. Thanks for the great kick off to the weekend and reminding me again that I may not be completely alone in craziness.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Ann, I'm always so happy to have you stop by. I've missed out on so much. I promise, promis to catch up soon. Oh, girl, you are NEVER alone :) XOX

  13. Hehe Michele, thank you for taking us into your home. I feel like I've been hanging out with you guys all week! Oh. And I LOVE the new header:D

    1. You have been hanging out with us this week! I love that! I never get to do too much on Face book. Now you've met my kids AND Betty! I will tell my son that you like the header. He will be thrilled!

  14. Now that was funny... From the Living Room: The "Man" is My Man!!! Ha...

    Dude got himself grounded, huh??? Yikes!!!

    And you finished that puzzle??? Can you come to Texas???

    Take care, Slu

    1. Hey! Thanks, Slu! The man is not a puzzle guy at all. He likes all of his games computerized..

      I would totally come to Texas, but I'd have to finish the puzzle! Ha!

      I'm actually in CA. at the moment. I'll have to make a trip to TX one of these days. Maybe when the Lions play the Texans...Or I'll buy you a ticket if we're ever playing the Cowboys.

  15. Okay, your house is much more fun than mine. Our bags are packed and we will be waiting at your door step. :)) this really made me laugh.

    1. You are always welcome on my doorstep. We''ll even allow you in! Ha! I told Savanna I could write a post or six on just the things we text! Love you.

  16. I'm with Slu (who I've never met)...come to Texas!

    Thanks for the laughs!

    1. Hilarie! Slu is and Josie up there are both from Texas! I swear, I need to get there :) I'm partway back on FB> I have a follow me home page too. COme on over if you'd getn the chance. If you're ever looking to visit Utah, you always have a place to stay. XX

  17. I like your new Blog header even if it was drawn by a little kid. I have a collegiate artist and I'm still waiting on an avatar :P so you are definitely better than me. I think it's funny that your middle child can wear your jeans, but jeans are jeans (unless they're skinny) so I guess it's not that funny - it must be my sick sense of humor. Thanks for inviting us into your home - interesting as always.
    Jae Mac, I'm Just Sayin'...(Damn!)

    1. Thank you, Jae Mac. I have a collegiate writer who I beg weekly to write a post for me....not going to happen :) No skinny jeans at our house. I figured they were mine because the butt was all deflated. We (my son and I ) may wear the same size pants, I still have proud junk in my trunk. Hahahaha! Your sick sense of humor is always welcome here!

  18. Well that just gave me a much-needed smile on my face. Thanks! I don't know which bit made me laugh the most, but it might just be your hubby telling you not to worry about the screaming in the bathroom--priceless!

    1. Thanks Shelly. I know it sounds awful, but 3 times out of 4, someone in this house is screaming...for no particular reason. It's like crying wolf :) Our neighbors love us. Ha!

  19. I love this one. It sounds like a great house to live in. I hope you are doing well!

    1. It is a pretty great place to be, Dawn. All the way around. Thanks for your thoughts. We're all hanging in there :) XOX

  20. Doing some blog hopping and dropped by to become your newest GFC follower. Nice to meet you and your family, sounds like a lively bunch :) Hope you drop by my blog @ WV Stitcher when you get a chance. Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Brenda, Thanks for stopping by and following. I will pop over to your blog today :) Nice to meet you, as well :)

  21. Hi Lovely, I'm your newest follower from Weekend Wonders #28 Blog Hop.
    I love your awesome blog!

    Feel free to visit & follow me @



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