The Cool Kids

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quote from the eldest...

"You know, I'm turning eighteen at the end of the month. Do you realize what's more exciting than being able to vote? Wait for it.  I will then be able to legally order BLO-Pens off of the T.V. at three a.m."

She has dreams, man.

Cheers to the future :)


  1. If that is what she is really dreaming about when she turns 18 then we did well.

  2. HA!

    Thanks for the coffee-spitting laugh!
    Happy Birthday early, Alex!

    Your FF :)

  3. Um, I had to google what BLO-Pens were. Am I really lame because I had never heard of them?

  4. Um, I would just like to back up this statement by saying that blow-pens were all that AND a bag of chips back in the day.. Plus, it's legal to order like 47 snuggies via the t.v... Rock on!
    @ Nicole: Only the coolest thing ever! They were pens that you supposedly could blow in and paint would come out in some sick tight design.. I'm not going to act like they phased me all that much, but they were the coolest things next to those wax-covered pipe cleaners you could bend and make things out of!.. I'm not going to make my life sound pitiful or anything, but infomercials were the coolest at one point in time! hahaha


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