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Sunday, December 18, 2011

I think I'm on the naughty list...

It's been a rough couple of days.  I kept tripping on the advent calendar the youngest made for me at school. He brought it home in all its glory; a beautiful yellow bell with a chain of 25 red and green loops he pressed together with his little hands. It's the exact same one I made with my Kindergarten students every year. I always wondered if those things made it home in 1-26 pieces..

The youngest watched proudly as I hung it on the door in the kitchen. You know, the door I open and close 500 times a day. Hour after hour,  I carefully try not to step on a strip or a loop. I'm also cautious not to slip and fall when landing on all the past strips that have been cut ceremoniously. By the looks of it, I'm assuming that actually picking up the scraps and throwing them away must take a little magic out of the countdown to Christmas. Eh.

Like I said, it was a bad day. I looked at the mess on the floor under the door and watched as tomorrow's loop barely swayed across the kitchen floor..I exhaled. I walked over to the paper advent thingy hanging on the door, and.............. well..................... let's just say it now has one less paper loop on it. THere. I said it.

I was grouchy and wanted to cut someone something.

It was a red one. Hanging there and swaying back and forth, back and forth. I think it was trying to make me feel bad for yelling at the kids about their dirty bedrooms, or for not getting any Christmas shopping done today. I think it even might have called me lazy...

I showed it. It and its construction paper ring that is still lying flat on the floor.

Ugh. I didn't feel better and the green ring who was next in line was getting I walked away..I hope that Christmas still comes this year, even though I now have inadvertently hastened it by one day cutting that loop and all...

How many days 'til the decorations come down, friends?


  1. 5 Days
    6 Hours
    09 Minutes..

    But I'm not counting.. It's basically insane that it's Christmas time.. And uh, I understand the whole underlying stressed/overwhelmed/potential excitement/bitterness of this blog post.. but does this mean you were the one that ate all the chocolates out of my advent calendar grandma gave me?? I mean, I don't care.. I'd rather you just tell me now.. I won't even be mad..They kinda tasted like wax anyway.. It's just the highlight of my childhood, which is more or less on the downward slope of ending.. So uh, like I said. If it was you who ate away my childhood/dreams/only joy, I really don't mind. I'm not bitter.. Just uh, heads up: Joanns may or may not be out of that thread you wanted if there's not five waxy dreams left in my plastic advent countdown..
    Merry Christmas!! ;)

  2. Didn't you know that beautiful chain of red and green loops is a highly accurate time keeping device that some people depend on? I was a little panicked when I counted the rings the other day and there were two fewer than the day before. I knew it was a red day and not a green day! Sometimes I lose track of time but I never thought it was that bad. You messed with the Christmas time continuum and now my whole "get ready for Christmas" calendar is off. Is Santa coming on the 24th now? I'm all confused! Please help!

  3. Yeah. Reading those last two comments seals it for me. I am definitely in the right family. Losers.


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