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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thoughts from an elevator....

Please feel free to play along in a little game I like to call, "Say What?"

It goes a little something like this.....

Match the following "thoughts" to the people thinking them in the picture below....

Who was thinking....

1. "Score! We're going to the beach!"

2. "I've had my first coffee...I wonder if we can still stop at Starbucks.."

3. "I just saw the sweetest couple and they smelled like espresso, I wonder if we can stop at the cafe' before Starbucks.."

4. "Oh, my daughter said something really funny and I want to hug her, but I don't want to spill my coffee.."

5. "Has our hotel ALWAYS had free coffee in the lobby? My-oh-my, where did all this energy come from???"

6. "I'm feeling like this is going to be a great 'carmel macchiato' kind of day.."

7. "Dear good, kind and beautiful God. Please help me get through the next week with this woman. Please help her understand that all I need is my iPAD and little peace and quiet. But mostly, the peace and quiet. Amen."

It's a rhetorical game, friends.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Haha! Thank you for the morning giggle. What a cute picture of you, and I know that look on Mark's face very well...Pete makes that face when he has to hold my purse or clean his bathroom. I miss you two very much.
    P.S I really do hate coffee!

  2. aahhaaaaaaa!!!!!! This made me spit coffee! Poor loving, wonderful, patient Mark. God love him. And I have to say, what a beautiful picture of YOU! Maybe he was really praying that when his HOT momma of a wife puts her bikini on that she won't be oogled too much at the beach! Or maybe he's just saying a thankful prayer that you guys are ALL his..... Okay, maybe YOUR right. Poor patient Mark...... :)

    Hugs! Your FF

  3. @Kimmi, Ahhh, the "hold your purse" face. It does bring a smile to me...I know you hate coffee, just insert Coke into the sentences :) @FF- there is truly a reason I love you girl..If the man saw me in a bikini, he would surely close his eyes...they would be burning. :) Have a wonderful day. :)


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