The Cool Kids

Friday, June 24, 2011

My six year old, the future "Playa"

"You're so beautiful, mom. I wish I could cut out pictures of you and glue them to my eyes. That way, I could look at you all day." - Quote from the youngest, who was trying to make his mother feel better on a really bad day. Smooth words little man. Three kinds of creepy, but really smooth...

Happy Friday, friends


  1. Just the sweetest! Could he BE any cuter?? Funny, my youngest loves me like this also. Thinks I am the moon and the stars. I wonder why the rest of them feel differently? hmmmmm....... HA! Again, thanks for the giggle with my coffee..... :)

    Your FF. <3

  2. It was such a cheesy quote, but I couldn't stop laughing. It is funny how your children can come out of nowhere and make you laugh til it hurts :) Best feeling in the world.


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