The Cool Kids

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thought from the little guy....

"It's a really good thing you didn't marry somebody like a garbage man..." says the youngest.

Sensing a teaching moment on nipping any snobbery in the bud as well as how every person's job is equally important, I take a deep breath.....

"Why do you say that?" I ask, curtly.

"Because he couldn't fit his garbage truck in the garage. Dad drives a little car and it barely fits." he explains.

Now I shift from lecturer to thinker.

I understand that he was speaking spatially, not socially.

I try not to take offense to the fact that my garage is so full of junk, it barely fits our small cars and that a six year old can see what I apparently can't.

Finally, I now must come to the realization that an affair or second marriage with a school bus driver, FEDEX guy or a big-rig trucker is more than likely, out of the question.

Happy Thursday, friends :)


  1. Oh, you make me laugh! Thanks so much for the chuckle...and the advice. ;)

  2. HA!! Ya know what? Ya gotta keep a kid who knows you'd never be really happy with a FedEx driver. Oh, and one who looks so good in swimming goggles. Just sayin'...... ;)
    Get to blogging my FF! <3

  3. Thanks for reading, C! @ F.F., I was thinking I could marry a Fed Ex driver if he'd let me put all my junk in his truck. LOL. :)


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