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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I hear there's a wedding tomorrow...

I don't know if you've heard, but there is a certain prince getting married tomorrow. It hasn't been covered much in the news, so I thought I'd mention it. I won't be watching of course. I'll be sleeping. I have a feeling I may catch a replay or two of the nuptials during the day...

It's not that I'm not romantic... I remember sleeping over at my friend's house and watching the wedding of Charles and Diana. I thought, like any 11 year old girl would, that it was the most beautiful, elaborate, fairy-tale wedding ever. Diana, who was gorgeous in her own right, came to the wedding a pre-school teacher and left a princess. We all wanted to be her. Yet, the perfect marriage we all dreamed of and expected from them, would eventually turn out wrinkled and in disarray; not unlike the taffeta gown she wore while climbing out of that amazing carriage...

Even though my own wedding paled in pageantry to any 4 hour royal ceremony, my marriage is what I'm most proud of. I think many young girls dream of the perfect wedding; the perfect dress and the perfect hair, with sixteen bridesmaids, two adorably perfect flower girls and an audience who wished they would have thought of such a ceremony..........without really thinking past cutting the 8-tiered cake.

 Let's face it. Marriage behind the scenes is hard. It has its wonderful moments, yes. But mostly, during the mundane dealings of the day, you're lucky to catch a romantic glance. Maybe a hug if you're not holding laundry or dirty dishes.. Sometimes, there are even moments when you know in the core of your heart, you will never put this much effort into ANYTHING ever, again. At least that's what I've heard the man mumbling before...

So, because I'm sure they care, I'm leaving a few pieces of advice for the new bride and groom. Well, mostly for the bride. I sincerely wish any new couple love, happiness and a very large learning curve.


1. Tell each other you love them. Every day. And mean it. There is something truly powerful in those words. They stick with you when you trip over his dirty laundry on the floor or he steps on one of your 10 thousand sewing needles....

2. Stay united. This is especially important when dealing with family; mostly children who question your every move.

3. Respect your in-laws. They may be completely different than your own family, but always try to remind yourself that they created the love of your life. You may get lucky and gain a second family to love and who love you. At the very least, you can blame them for all of the love-of-your-life's shortcomings....

4. Always say, "Thank You." It's amazing what you'll be able to do and keep doing after hearing those words.


5. Never go to bed angry. First, sit in a chair very close to his side of the bed while he's trying to sleep. This way, he has to ponder what you're thinking and whether or not he should apologize; or you know, fear for his life. That alone will help you sleep like a baby.

Cheers, friends :)


  1. I love number 5. I should try it sometimes!because I am very upset at the man and his stupid way's. right know! love ya Brenda

  2. Oh Brenda, I love you!! Write me and let me know what you and that man have been up to :)

  3. I sure needed that chuckle. Yes, marriage is a long, curvy, BUMPY road. I love it! Love it so very much, that I decided to do it twice! Kidding.....
    I think their wedding was beautiful, and I did watch. Not at 4 am their time, but I DVR'd it. I love that thing!!
    I really think they LIKE each other. (Liking each other is a BIG thing! You can love someone and not like them one bit!) I loved the looks between them during all the Royal crud they had to endure. He looked handsome as ever and she was gorgeous beyond belief. Ahhh to be a princess....
    Oh, and at your friend there ever anything BUT their "stupid way's"??? I think not. :)
    Love ya, my lil shellybean!!
    Your FF

  4. Well put! Great advice for anyone.


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