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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grandparents Rock..

My parents were extremely young when I was born. I don't need to mention how old they were or how many people have mistaken my mother for my sister; only that there's not a ton of years between the three of us.

Many people might see things wrong with that situation. Young adults don't really know what they want; they don't always get a choice in the way things fall into place. People grow up and move on. We all deal with our faults and try to improve the only way we can. Slowly stumbling, back-tracking, tripping; all the-while trying to not look back. It literally is a life-long battle for everyone involved.

But for all of the things that were hard growing up, there were many positives. My parents were both the eldest of multiple children in their families. This gave me seven, count 'em seven aunts and uncles who were practically my brothers and sisters. We were close growing up. Time passed. They got married, I got cousins, and we all felt like as long as we had each other, we were never alone. My still-strong connections with many family members help my life feel more rich and less lonely. The ripples keep growing...cousins are married and having children of their own. One look at my Facebook page and you can see the plethora of love that surrounds me whenever I need it. That's what family is, right?

All of these fantastic family members, all these precious connections, are rooted from the most wonderful people in all the land. I'm sure everyone can say something similar, but with my soul I have to say that the leaders of the two sides of my families are my favorite people in the world. I grew up surrounded by grandparents and great-grandparents; each respected and loved for their place in the hierarchy of our huge family. For this reason, I'm thrilled that my parents were so young. I have been loved 10 times over. Bliss.

They're not all here anymore. The loss of such close family members is heart wrenching. What do you do when the strongest people with all the love and all the answers are gone?  Believe me when I say that their passings were some of the hardest things I've ever dealt with...

I am now 40 and still have grandparents! I know how lucky I am. I also know they are not young anymore. They are not well. They will not live forever and losing them is going to kill me. I try to balance the impending losses with logic. I tell myself how blessed I've been to have them all this time, to be treated with the love only grandparents can provide. It is impossible to grasp. For now, I try to remember how special each one made me feel and that no one in the world can smile or hug or love like the beautiful parents of my parents. I will forever be grateful and reverent for the countless opportunities I had to be loved by each of them.

Happy Wednesday, friends :)

Dad, Mom and me -1972

My mom's mom and me -1970

my mom's mom and me 2011

my mom's dad and me- 1972

My mom's dad and me 1988

My dad's mom and me-1970
My dad's dad and me -1973

my dad's mom and dad and me 2009

My dad's mom and dad and me 2010


  1. Ugh, this hit my heart on many levels. I am also very lucky to have had not only my grandparents in my life, but great-grandparents who were very much apart of my life and who I feel shaped me into who I am today. We are blessed to have known such wonderful people, and to be truly loved by so many. My grandparents on my fathers side were more to me than just your typical "I see you at special holidays" kind of gma and gpa. They were/are my go-to people for everything! No questions asked. Loved unconditionally. I am always special in their eyes despite any of my faults. I, like you, have lost my beloved grandfather. Both of our grandmothers are at the age where anything can happen and probably will sooner than we would like. I also do not know how my heart will go on when she is gone. I only hope that I can be as wonderful of a grandma to my future grandchildren as they were to me. That I know that would make them proud. <3 ya Shel. Your FF

  2. ps. These pictures are precious. ;)

  3. Dear F.F. (and I truly mean "dear,") thank you for your heart-felt comment. I know you understand every word I said. I know already what a wonderful mom you are...I can only imagine you as a Grandma..Those will be some very lucky children :) Much love to you.

  4. Thank you for sharing this Michele, and thank you for posting the pictures. They have made me smile endlessly. Time moves far too fast.

  5. Thank you so much for reposting this. You must have known how much your words (and, OWN words) would heal my heart today.
    13 yrs ago today we lost the anchor in our family, my grandfather. And just like I stated in my post above, he wasn't just my grandpa, he was "my person" who loved me no matter what. He was my friend, my back-up, my go-to, my all-knowing. He was the strongest man I knew who could still be melted by the smile of my baby girls and his beautiful bride of over 50 yrs. He was a truly GOOD man. They really don't make them like that anymore. And boy, do I miss him.

    So, thank you again, my FF. <3

    1. My dear friend. I can't believe it's the anniversary of losing your grandfather. You know how I understand that pain. The loss is palpable still. Your words make me cry. I wish my kids would have had the chance to know all of my grandparents. I'm sending all my love to you. And hugs. And all that good stuff.

    2. Your timing is impeccable, as always. :)

      I would give almost anything for my boys and my grandfather to have met. He SO loved my girls. I'm sure he smiles down on them (and shakes his head from time to time...)and thinks they are just as crazy as I do. Just as I know you have MANY smiling faces up above looking down on your precious kiddos. :)

  6. Luv the pics. They help fill a void in my knowledge of your family since we never got to know each other or even meet some of them. And your life's story is very touching. I have nieces whose parents were very young when they were born. I know what you mean when you say, "Young adults don't really know what they want; they don't always get a choice in the way things fall into place. People grow up and move on. We all deal with our faults and try to improve the only way we can. Slowly stumbling, back-tracking, tripping; all the-while trying to not look back. It literally is a life-long battle for everyone involved." In many respects, we're still fighting that life-long battle with them even though they are older than you are. Nice to get to know you better. Thanks!

    1. Hey, my grandparents are always on the OK list to talk about! All of them of are/were perfect in my eyes. They were each stronger through wars, language barriers, illness and loss. I'd be lucky to inherit any of that strength.

      When I wrote that quote, I was speaking as a woman who was on the other side of an experience.

      On another note, I could absolutely see my children writing about the unconditional love of their grandparents.

      Thanks for commenting, John. It means so much to me.

  7. I LOVE these pics, and this beautiful tribute to Grandparents. I had my Great Grandmother until I was in my 20s. My kids had a Great Grandma and Great Grandpa through most of elementary school. I'm so thrilled that they knew my Grandparents. There's nothing like the love of your family.

    1. Grandparents are definitely a gift. Thank your for sharing about your grandparents; it's wonderful to read. Talk about finding our silver lining...XOX


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