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Friday, September 13, 2019

Use Your Words: September 2019: Two Closets are better than one.

Today’s post is a writing challenge created by Karen @ Baking in A Tornado 6 participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words for someone else to use in a post. All words must be used at least once. All posts will be different as each writer has received their own original set of words. No blogger knows who received their words or in what direction the writer will take them. Until today.   

My words are from our lovely host, Karen@ 
 evidence ~ eggs ~ energy ~ enjoy ~ economy
 Thank you, Karen!

Pattern Story #9

Narrator: This winter on Lifetime:
 In a world...
Where 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce.
Where style and fashion are all around us and fabric choices are wide and abundant...
Where makeover shows are literally creating whole networks...

We follow six couples in crisis. Husbands that have lost their energy.  Wives who are on the edge of calling their relationships quits.

Can two people who used to enjoy the company of each other find connection again?
In this economy, can these marriages be saved?

Find out this and much more with both our marriage/therapy/style experts and the easter eggs we leave along all season.

Lifetime TV and you can help also solve these problems:

Can these couples rediscover love?

Will each spouse find evidence of their individuality again?

Is there enough style sense and ego in the world to know?

Tune in this winter to find out what these duos might discover ...

From the creators of "What Not to Wear Now" and "Project Runaway From my Closet!" and from the producers of "Our Multiple Marriages,"

Lifetime brings you:

*"Get Your Own Darn Wardrobe!!": the Marriage edition.
"Can our marriage be the same without us looking the same?"

Only this winter
and only on Lifetime.
1991 Butterick Company 

McCall Pattern Company NY 1985

Simplicity Pattern Company 1969

*Do you and your spouse literally share a closet? Write to us online and let us know if we can help you "Get Your Own Darn Wardrobe!". Name, participants and topics are subject to change.

Be you and have a wonderful. weekend, friends!

Check the other participants out and see what words they got and how they used them.  

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  1. I guess it is one thing to have matching outfits in your wardrobe, but does that really mean you both have to wear them on the same day? That does seems like a recipe for someone not being happy with the clothing choice for the day. And who gets to decide what matching outfits they are wearing, is there a schedule for that? Anyway, sounds like it will be a drama packed show so guess it will need to go on our viewing schedule. Nice job using your words (and patterns) and thanks for the Friday (the 13th!) laughs!

    Love, M

    1. Mr. Man, you bring up some quality questions. If couples are in crisis, are they wearing the same outfits out of spite? Is it their way of taking control? Hmmm. BTW, what are you wearing for date night? Asking for a friend.

  2. Now I really want to see that show. Maybe you need a You Tube channel.
    I cannot tell you how much I miss your humor, miss getting to read your funny and unique perspective.

    1. Karen, I'm so glad you let me participate on such a crazy schedule! Thank you for that and for giving me the chance to be truly silly with my writing. <3

  3. I thought these issues were usually decided by memo: "Did you (or didn't you) get the memo?"

    1. I'm interested, John. Should this memo be monthly? Do couples share the schedule ahead of time? Inquiring minds want to know. So, I'll be wearing grey wool pants and a short sleeved embroidered sweater in the same shade tomorrow. You in?

  4. Now that's a show I'd tune in for. To funny! What a great use of your words. (Rena)

    1. Rena, thanks so much. I love UYW. Reading everyone's interpretations always makes me smile.

  5. Get Your Own Darn Wardrobe, hahaha, sound like good advice! Am I still allowed to wear hubby's ratty T-shirts to sleep though?

    I wonder if there is a connection between couple's closets and their marital status. Having two closets may be fun and game until person A thinks person B's closet is too crowded and person B spends too much on clothes, you get where I'm going here ;-)))

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. You know Tamara, I never once thought about how I share the man's sweatshirts. I hope that's not a dealbreaker for a successful marriage! We have one large closet, but if anyone is taking over a side, (I absolutely get what you mean!) it the man and his darn shoes. <3

  6. I love when you join us and write using patterns as inspiration. This cracked me up because just recently I was asking my husband "why don't we color coordinate when we go out like ... and why don't we have matching clothes?" His response, I wear what you buy me. LOL


    1. Thank you, Dawn! I love to participate, especially in UYW. I also love your husband's answer! It really is the same here. LOL.

  7. Wait, so you’re saying it’s NOT ideal for couples to match?? I better reevaluate my marriage.. and gap family matching outfits..😂😂 I would love to watch this show! I love you! This post made me giggle. 😂

    1. Gap. Who knew? Love you more. Thx for always checking in <3


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