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Friday, April 19, 2019

Fly on the Wall April 2019: Shall We Play A Game?

Welcome to the April Fly on the Wall Group Challenge. This month, 5  bloggers and I are describing what it would be like if you were to take a peek inside our homes...

Have a "look" around mine, and then go visit the other blogger's pages. There's always something fun, sentimental, or better yet, embarrassing going on. It's like your house, only we're admitting to the craziness. You have our permission. Buzz on over!

Cast Members this month:
Me (the blogger)
Mark (The Man)
J. (age 14)
S. (grandson, age 4)
Have a wonderful Friday, friends!

1st and Goal  Done?

J. begged The Man to take him to see our city's 1st (semi)professional football team. The Salt Lake City Stallions were playing on the University of Utah's football field. The league was called the AAF (Alliance of American Football) The man gave in, the Stallions won and both dad and son had a great time. As the game progressed, I received pictures from the guys. My only comment was, "When is the game going to begin?"

Hardly anyone was there. It was clearer to see why J. was trying to hustle the man to a game. The league, without followers, was bleeding money. J. bought a hat, came home, and raved about the team. Three days later, with the opposite vigor, J. announced that the league did, in fact, go under. Players visiting other cities had to pay for their own ways home. Very sad for all involved. I'm glad, however, that the man and J. had a chance to make a special memory together.

What Bracket are you in?
J. was the last child of ours to get braces. (Photo not here because the 14-year-old isn't ready to show his latest look.) Anyway, after getting the braces on, we take him to a restaurant to celebrate. It took all of 30 minutes for him to break a bracket. He wasn't even eating anything thick or sticky. I call and make the appointment for the next day to get him back to the orthodontist. As I'm giving him the spiel on how braces aren't cheap and how we have to be more careful, I pop the wire on the back of my own teeth. In the end, he's all bracketed up perfectly and I'm here feeling the glue stuck to the back of my upper teeth. The ortho is going to think we chew on tin cans, rocks, and aluminum foil.

Here is a cute pic of J. 13 years before the braces.

Sugary Slam Dunk

Since he's in preschool, our grandson, S. doesn't always have the same school schedule as his big brother. So sometimes, he gets to hang out with the coolest kids in town, his grandparents. The man and S. have made it a tradition to stop for donuts before we head  home. I always go with them because, and I'm serious, watching those two walk hand-in-hand makes my heart swell. Know this though. S. loves to go with Grandpa to Dunkin Donuts, but his real love is right in those boxes. Just look at his face. That's grandma's boy.

Finally, a Word game.

I've started writing again (obvi). I find myself  searching for "appropriate" words that describe various situations. Often, the word just doesn't convey what I want to write/say.  I've decided that this crazy English language of ours could use some new words. Let me show you what I mean by using the ridiculous word,  FLARATHOSOUS. (pronounce it however you like, it's not real).

*You go to apply deodorant and as you do, the last of the stick falls out and onto the ground. This is usually the day after you've gone shopping and have picked up everything you've ever needed, except for deodorant. What's the name for the scraping feeling you get while rubbing the empty container on your soft, underarm skin? It's more than scraping or scratching. It's heavier than disappointment but lighter than disgust. I need to know. Share, people. (noun/verb?)
"Dang it, Debbie. Do you have an antiperspirant with you? I FLARATHOSOUS-ed mine this morning!"

*By the way, maybe it's the same word that describes applying chapstick and your lips hit that middle pole-thingy that keeps the balm from, I don't know...smooshing? (noun?)
"Man, is my lip bleeding? I put my chapstick on and hit the FLARATHOSOUS!"

*You absolutely need to talk with someone about something important. They call you and you run around like a maniac trying to locate your phone before the last ring. You miss the call. There HAS to be a word for that. Right? (verb?)
"SueAnn, that's my boss! Help! I've been FLARATHOSOUS-ing him every day this week!"

* You receive a set of ballpoint pens in a box big enough to put a teenager in. Thanks, Amazon. (noun)
"I'll show them a FLARATHOSOUS! Where's that refrigerator box? I have a spool of thread I need to return."

Hey, it was a slow month.
Happy Friday, Friends.

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  1. Talk about doing something in the nick of time, we lucked out going to the last Stallions game before the league folded. It was cold but overall a great experience. Hard to believe that #3 is into braces now. We've had our share of broken brackets and wires that last ten years and I'm sure there will be a few more. Those trips to DD with S. are always fun. His excitement each time makes it special. Love the word game, those are all great examples of where we could use a better way to express ourselves. Thanks for the Friday laughs and memories!
    Love, M

    1. Mark, I love that you read the WHOLE post! LOL. Thanks for giving me all the material I need for these Fly posts. What do you say we pick up S. and visit the closest donut shop? Love Love Love you, man.

  2. Love the new word, if I figure out how to pronounce it I just may use it.
    And that pic of Mark holding your grandson's hand? Made my heart melt too.

    1. Karen, I may just use that word every time I come up for a loss. It seems to happen more and more these days. The grands love Mark; it's good for my soul to see him with them. <3

  3. Thank you for the English word lesson. 😊

    1. Hey, I'm here for all your make-believe dictionary/thesaurus needs :)

  4. Loved the goat pic. I am incorporating FLARATHOSOUS into many upcoming conversations. Should be fun - thank you!

    1. Carol, it's my favorite photo of J. The smile on his face was pure joy. Good Luck using that powerful word. Webster should get it into the books in no time ;)

  5. Oh.My.Lanta! I laughed so hard I FLARATHOSOUS-ed! *taking a bow ;)

    The pic of lil J? You couldn't deny that child if you tried! So cute!
    Z is getting ready to get his braces. Jess had them but not #2 or #3. #2 says I didnt love her as much as #1 and I left her with an overlapping tooth. I told her it gives her character. Ha!!

    Your sweet man and that darling boy made my heart smile! Thanks for sharing that moment.

    Happy Easter FF!

    1. Great use of the word, Nick Nick! hahah I hope you told number 2 that you love her MORE for not having to spend 2 years with tinsel teeth!
      Hope your Easter was fabulous, ff <3

  6. Oh, my darling girl! How, I love your fly on the wall stories. Perhaps because I love you and your family so much. Have a Happy Easter, sweetie! Xoxo

    1. Stacy, I'm always happy to see your name in my comments. You know our family has always been a big bunch of silly. See you soon in WWF. <3 <3


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