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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blog With Friends: December Edition!

Jolly Jinglers-UNITE!

Hello friends! Welcome to December's edition of "Blog With Friends!" We are 8 bloggers who've joined together to bring you some holiday love. There is something fun for everyone!
After my project, click on each blog post project title you'd like to visit. When you get to each blog, leave some comment love.  Everyone adores visitors. If you have a project you'd like to share, join in on our blog hop at the very end of the post. Happy Holidays, everyone!

First up, my Cloth Tree Tutorial:

An adorable teacher's aide taught me how to make these trees. They're easy enough for kids to make. Create them for gifts or holiday decor. (Thanks for the idea, Mary Lee!)

  • 1/8 yard of holiday cotton fabric (any color.) I used various fat quarters. Scraps are perfect for this craft.
  • 6" square of fabric or brown craft paper for base
  • Ruler to measure fabric strips
  • Sticks or dowels for your tree. Any length you'd like. My sticks are about 10" long. The dowels are only 5".
  • Scissors for cutting fabric. I used regular and pinking shears.
  • Clay (for stabilizing tree.)
  • glue
  • buttons
  • thin wire
  • string
  • pipe cleaners 
Scissors are sharp; don't run with them.
Sticks are sharp; Don't use them as swords.
Little ones should be careful not to put buttons in their mouths.
Be safe, people.

1. Grab fabric and cut tiny 1/2 inch slits along the top of it. (with the grain) You can cut along these slits with regular scissors or pinking shears. Another fun way to get the strips is to simply tear down the length of the fabric. Kids love this. My strips were about 6-8 inches long. Cut at least 5 strips per inch of tree.

Here are examples of what the strips will look like (left to right) if torn, cut or pinked.

2. Starting about 1/4 of the way up the tree, tie a strip into a knot. Pull both strips to one side. Repeat above that knot with another. Pull those in the opposite direction. Each time, turn your strips away from each other. After the first two, tie the next knots and twist them in the opposite direction. Think of looking down on the tree as a clock. the first two strip ties go at 9 and 3. The second two will face 12 and 6. Repeat over and over until you reach the top of the tree. You can use shorter strips near the top. I just trim if needed.

3. After the strips are on the tree, use a ball of clay to keep it from falling over. The picture is just to show you how to stand it up. Save this step until after the strips are tied on.

4. Trace and cut out a circle larger than the base of your tree onto fabric or brown paper. 

5. Wrap around the base of your tree and tie with a string. You're done!!

 If you'd like, you can add a star to your tree using pipe cleaners or buttons. I strung mine with light weight wire and wrapped it around the top of my tree. 

 Also, you could glue assorted buttons to the fabric.

Here are a few examples of different trees I made.
A. Made on a paper towel roll. Glued buttons. Ornament star.
B. 5" dowel, sequined string base. Pinked Fabric. Angel button top.
C. Branch base, pipe cleaner star.
D. 4" dowel, star charm

If you make your own holiday tree, I'd love to see it! Any questions? You know what to do. Hit me up in the comment section WAAAAAAAY down at the end of this post :)

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Happy Tuesday, Friends!


  1. Love these SOOOOOO much!!! I am adding this to our list of Christmas crafts to do this year!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

    1. Glad you like them, Stacy! Your kids will love making them! Send me a photo if you do <3

  2. I love the shabby chic look of these, you trendsetter, you!
    You're such a great teacher, with your tutorial even I could make them.

    1. Ha! I have the trees all over the house now! Thanks for your words. They almost make me want to keep blogging. ;)

  3. Hmmmm... another Elf project, I think! They are amazing.

  4. How fun is this??? I don't know that my little helpers would be able to do all of it, but I know they would definitely hold the cloth for me. Plus, we have other cloth Christmas decorations, and this will blend quite nicely.

    1. Cloth holders are important, Melissa :) When your little ones are older, you'll have to let them rip the fabric. Kids LOVE that!!

  5. Oh I love this! We love to repurpose material around here, and this would be a great one for something that will last AND be decorative!

    1. Thank you, Lydia! I still have the small tree my son made in Kindergarten. Fabric scraps never get thrown away around here :)

  6. This is a super cute. It is amazing what you can make using leftovers. My grandgrand would really enjoy this tree, she loves home made goodies.

    1. Thanks, Christy. Leftovers never go to waste around here, but it does make for a lot of clutter. I need to come up with more projects and give them away :)


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