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Friday, April 18, 2014

Fly On The Wall- April 2014

Hey there!  Welcome to the April Fly on the Wall Group Challenge. This month, 11 awesome bloggers and I are describing what it would be like if you were to take a peek inside our homes....

Have a "look" around mine, and then go visit the other blogger's pages. There's always something fun, sentimental, or better yet, embarrassing going on. It's like your house, only we're admitting to the craziness. You have our permission. Buzz on over!

The man
A., the eldest (daughter, 20)
C., The middle (son, 16)
J., The youngest (son, 9)
Henry and Lila- The dogs

Goodbye Fly?
I'm taking a few months off from the challenges so I can get my daughter hitched. My future son-in-law is graduating from college next week, and A. is about a year behind. Between semesters, they're getting married. (Can you say 'multi-tasking'?) We're trying to make the transition as smooth as possible. By "we", I mean everyone else. I am spending my days crying and rocking in the fetal position. Letting go is hard, friends.

Since things are all wedding/all the time, I'm devoting this month's fly to how our family is coping with all the changes 'round here.

The dogs:
How do you feel about A. leaving?
Lila: I'm devastated. She gives me all of her meat (under the table) from dinner.
Henry: Yeah. She always high-fives me when I poop in the boys' room. I'm not letting her go!

The youngest:
What will you miss/not miss about your sister?
J: I will miss how A. moves the stuff in her car to make room for me.
J: I won't miss how she keeps stealing my orange toothpaste. I'm also happy that I will get her room.

A. lives out of her car. Like a hobo. A hobo with a car.

The middle child:
What will you miss/not miss about A's leaving?
C: I won't miss her losing my coffee mugs in her car anymore. Or stealing my socks. I also won't miss how she jumps into bed and then wakes me up to turn off her light. I am excited to be getting her room when she leaves.
C. I will miss our talks, playing badminton and how we both understand the value of an old video game. "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger" and "Simpson's Hit and Run" on the original X-box. 

Late night video games, conversations and unwanted, but needed advice.

The Man:
M: Well, I'm happy that I'll be able to crunch chips and eat cereal without driving her nuts. I won't miss being afraid to look into her bathroom. Jeesh, have you seen her car? I'll probably be cleaning up her room to make space for an office...
M. I will miss how sensitive she is about the world. I'll definitely miss that sense of humor; and how she makes you laugh out loud. I'll miss having our whole family under one roof...

The eldest, herself:

A. I won't miss being grilled on the day before a Fly on the Wall post is due. I won't miss hearing the dishes clank around on Saturday mornings. I know you're cleaning out the dishwasher and that I should be helping...but it's SATURDAY! I won't miss the sound of LEGOs being sorted through early in the morning. I won't miss hearing the clarinet at 3 a.m.! I won't miss using any of the bathrooms a boy/man just used. (Welcome to marriage!)

A. I will miss: teasing my brothers about ANYTHING. I'll miss the dogs. I'll miss coming home and smelling what's for dinner. I'll miss using your endless amount of school supplies, coffee and "popcorn meals". I'll miss that whenever I tell you someone hurt me, you threaten to find them and the mother they came from." I'll miss the ice machine. I'll miss our long talks and being able to run to dad and have him automatically diagnose my electronic problems. I'll also miss that silly muppet face dad makes when he's surprising us or making you laugh. I'll miss falling asleep knowing I'm safe and loved. Ugh. I'm going to miss having my own room...


I won't miss reminding A. to pick up her shoes/backpack/phone/bedroom/bathroom/car. I may not miss when she says , "Is this REAL?" every time someone is annoying her.

I will miss everything else. The scales of estrogen will change when she leaves and I will be the lone girl. BTW, I hope you don't mind, but I am making plans for that bedroom of yours...

This will make a great craft room!

I will miss hearing the infectious laugh, the sarcasm, the humor and the general caring about how everyone else feels. I'll miss that I'm the first one A. sees after school and that she still feels comfortable sharing her day with me. I'll miss the camaraderie we share in awkward situations. I'll miss sending her to McDonalds. I'll miss the smell of her hair spray or the obnoxious fumes of her nail polish. I'll miss how we understand that if someone tickles us, we will kill them.

She's the grown-up. I don't want to cut the apron strings. I don't want to share. Will her new husband know that she can't take too much Tylenol? Will he remember that she doesn't like to wear socks to bed, but that she HAS to have her feet covered with blankets? If she uses the wrong detergent, she'll break out? Will he sit on the floor with her knowing that the rug is where she loves to eat her cereal?
Does he know the words to, "I'll love you forever?" Does he know that she has said those words to me when I was feeling sad?

I hope so.
I love you and will miss you everyday that you don't come for dinner, A. 

Thanks once again for stopping by, and to the Fly's AMAZING creator, Karen @ Baking In a Tornado, aka "The Blogging Original", for hosting this challenge! Would you like to join in the next FLY challenge? Click on the FLY button on my side bar. Karen will more than take care of you.
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Happy Friday, my friends :)



  1. Damn it, Twinnie! Can't let me get through a day without tears, can you? I'm literally sobbing over her. I blame PMS for this. I'll miss reading your post while you're gone. Are we still friends on Facebook? How will I keep in touch? Oh my!!

    1. It's PMS or coffee withdrawal. :) I don't have a personal page anymore on Facebook :(, but, I will find you on your blog or the "follow me home" page. <3

  2. Where to even start on this one? First of all, it sounds like before A. moves out she needs to come up with a fair method to determine who gets her room. I'm sure she would have some great ideas for creative contests to put that one to rest. I'm a little surprised the dogs didn't put dibs on her room.

    Yes, the winds of change are blowing strong these days at our house. Of course we know A. will do just fine with all that is ahead for her but it is still hard to let her go. M. is a fast learner and I'm sure A. will bring him up to speed quickly on all those little nuggets of information. If not, well, mom and dad will be a quick phone call, text or short drive away. I have a feeling there will be lots of visits here, too. Don't underestimate the pull of that ice machine and the spot on the rug to eat cereal (very quietly, of course).

    As for your break from the blogging challenges, I'm sure the next few months will give you plenty of new experiences that at some point you will be eager to share in whatever way feels best to you. Of course, some of us will be lucky enough to be there and live it all first hand, but we will still look forward to you someday recounting our "mostly true" ongoing journey with the humor and wit that you always do. Thanks for sharing your talents and gifts with us.


    1. I already have enough to fill a new blog. The winds they are a changing...
      Thanks for your support through all of this. I couldn't be me (or any of my 6 aliases) without you.
      Hold on tight...there may be a few road bumps before this is all over. I appreciate that you'll be by my side. <3

  3. Michele, that was awesome! If I were you I'd install a lock on her door the second she leaves - and hide the key! It's the only way you will end up with that room. And EVERYone needs a craft room. (Mine is the dining room table. Sigh.) She is one gorgeous girl...inside and out!

    1. Ha! She has had the best room in the house since we moved here. We've all been eyeing it. I agree. EVERY one should have a craft room, even if it's just a place to sit in peace. Mine is in the basement. I'm willing to fight for the chance to see full-on sunshine :)
      A. Says, "Thank you!"

  4. Michèle, I'm crying so hard right now! And it started out like a fun post… I kept thinking YOU should get the room.
    Darn. letting go is hard, I hear you. Sounds like that fiancé of hers is a nice guy,though, so we've got that covered.
    I will miss you TONS here, but we can always meet for some ice cream or popcorn in the bouncy ball tent, right?
    Hugs & happy Easter!

    1. Aw, Tamara, I haven't stopped crying since the invention of the bouncy ball tent! Good thing it's there. I'm always available to grab some ice-cream, remove my socks and get jumping!
      Happy Easter to you as well <3

    This was a wonderful, beautiful post. Now, where's my Kleenex????

    1. Thanks, Stacy! Keep that Kleenex, I'm sure I''ll have a million sob stories to tell...

  6. I wrote a while ago that getting old is a lot of letting go and saying goodbyes. So, I guess you're starting down that path. But, parenting is also a bit like planting a seed. You have to bury it in the fertile ground and leave it for awhile. And then, you start to see what you planted grow and bloom on its own, without much help from you other than occasional watering and trimming. And, boy, can it be beautiful. If your kids are anything like mine, and I know they are, you'll be astonished and proud and humbled by what they do and the kind of people and parents and citizens they become, mostly without any more of your help. Oh, you'll still cry a bit, but mostly from joy. While you may feel like it's over, your journey in parenthood is just getting going good. Smile a lot and enjoy the ride!

    1. John, you are one wise soul. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. You've definitely helped grow one fine family. (especially those in-laws!) I read your words with pride. Mark is as good as they come and you raised him to be that way.
      Hey, I cry all day anyway. I'll eventually be ready for the ride. Thank you for being available to all of us. We are proud to call you dad, grandpa, (or in my case,) "Gentleman Farmer".

  7. What a beautiful post!
    Congrats on the acquisition of a soon to be son-in-law!
    How exciting! I love all the pictures! Such a special time!
    Once the bulk of the excitement passes, I suggest you get to packing up those craft supplies before every other member of the family descends upon her room too. :)

    1. Thanks you so much, Meg. He is a darling guy who truly loves my Alex. One day, I'll come to terms with her leaving :(
      I'm on it...getting ready to paint the room bubblegum-pink. LOL

  8. It's so hard to type through tears. I'm struggling with sending my youngest off to college so your pain hits home with me.
    I'll miss you over the next few months, but I'm so excited to see pictures of the wedding and to hear all of the stories.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. You know how much I adore you. You're are the one to have kept this blog alive. We need to stay in touch so we can cry in our...martinis :)
      Can't wait to start sharing.
      Love you, woman.

  9. Yep, still have tears in my eyes. Crap, when did they grow up? Hunter has spent the week calling me about job applications - real job applications, pros and cons of where he wants to teach. Wasn't he just holding my hand as I walked him to the corner on his way to kindergarten?

    I am sure A's wedding is going to be beautiful. And even though change is in the air, you should find joy in the fact that you have given her a strong foundation to build the rest of her life on and the confidence to do so.

    Hang in there. <3

    1. Ann, our kids are supposed to be going to dance class in their tiny little shoes! What happened?
      Your words always leave me feeling loved. Thanks for your friendship <3

  10. Hugsies! You are a strong, beautiful woman and you will survive. So will she.

    You'll have to let me know what ACTUALLY happens with her room...

    1. Thank you, Robin :) You're so sweet.
      Her room- that will probably make up three posts all on its own!
      I'll keep you updated! <3

  11. Congrats to your daughter. We'll miss you but I'm sure you'll be back.
    My youngest son got married last summer and it was a hectic time. This fall I have 2 getting married! Being the mom of a son is the way to go, "she" has to do the work. LOL

    1. Thanks, Dawn. Man, you have had the wedding experience! A. is my only girl. Its been a lot of work.
      I'm hoping that boys are easier...The last two weddings for me? I'll just "show up" Ha!

  12. . . and your life will never be the same. . .but then will come the grandchildren and it begins a new life of spoiling them rotten and communicating with your daughter on a new level as an adult friend. Even though it is hard letting go (I cried for weeks) there is so much more great experiences ahead! Alex has turned into the most beautiful person and you, Momma and Daddy, should be very proud! :)

    1. You give me hope! I know how much you love your sunshine boys... It's totally selfish, but I feel like I'm losing a dear friend. A. is such a positive in my life. I'm not sure how I'll feel to have her "belong" to someone else :(
      Alex loves you continued support. So do I.
      We are so proud <3

  13. "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion" ~ Steel Magnolias ~ I needed to read this post today, Shelly! My heart aches for you and is excited for you (and sweet Alex) at the same time. Its always the hardest watching your first "baby" leave home. Although it will be a long time before your other two children leave home, this post reminded me how quickly they grow. Russell and I are true empty nesters now and with it comes the happy and the sad. April is the month that both of my sons were born and is also the time of year that I think I miss them the most. Randy left home at 18, got married and joined the Navy which took him very far from home at first - EJ lived with us until last year when he and the love of his life, Melinda, moved to Traverse City. Not a day goes by that I don't find myself worrying about them and missing them dearly. I find myself walking aimlessly throughout the house looking for something and not knowing what (oh maybe that is just age - lol) - no its a sign of empty nesting - I never learned how to make a pot of Chili for 2 or how to shop for a quart of milk instead of a gallon (I now know why there is a market for individual rolls of T.P. and a 1/2 doz cartons of eggs!) I wish I would have read a book to prepare me! Life is such a journey! I have found that as much as I needed to learn to be a good parent, I need instruction on how to live life without parenting just as much. Its times like now that I miss my own Mother's wisdom and understanding - after raising 5 children, I am sure she would have understood - about missing the "Eating Machines" that cleaned out our refrigerator on a daily basis and how they were replaced by the deafening silence of a Saturday morning in our empty nest.
    On the flip side, there are many wonderful experiences that come from this new chapter of their lives and yours! Your family grows with the addition of "in laws" (not just your "son-in-law" but his parents and siblings too), it grows when your children begin to make their own nests by choosing a home, furnishing and decorating it (all with your help and guidance of course!) and then the addition of Grandchildren which will fill many of the holes left in your heart IMMEDIATELY AND COMPLETELY!! For now, you will miss her everyday - you will visit her bedroom and try to take it over but part of you will want it to become a "shrine" and leave it just as it is - you will find yourself making her favorite foods and crying as you eat them - you will wait for a phone call, an email, a facebook posting any news possible to know she is ok and hasn't forgotten you will be proud of her, and yourself for raising her, as she achieves all of her goals and receives all of the wonderful experiences that will bless her life. Your bond will grow, it will change and will be stronger then ever imaginable! I hope that you take comfort in knowing this and, above all, remember to laugh through the tears <3

    1. Sherry, Now I'M crying!! Thank you very much for your understanding comment. Growing up having you as a big "sister" makes this all the more special. I will take everything you said to heart. I'm looking forward to the day (if it ever comes) when the pain isn't so deep. I find myself telling strangers about Alex leaving...the lady at Walmart told me to take it in stride; that one day she'll be able to cook and have US over. That almost made is all worth it :) I love you, woman <3 BTW, Grams is watching over both of us knowing that we did a lot right. :)

  14. Double M... As usual, an awesome FOTW Post: Both Sad & Happy days ahead. Some Observations...

    My car is my Castle... seeing that pic of the inside of A's car gives me the heebie jeebie's!!! Yikes X 10,000...

    As an avid coffee lover, knowing that C is already concerned about his "cups" put a smile on my mug.

    J quote: "I'm also happy that I will get her room."

    C quote: "I am excited to be getting her room when she leaves."

    Man quote: I'll probably be cleaning up her room to make space for an office."

    MM quote: I am making plans for that bedroom of yours." (Craft Room)

    One Space... 4 Claims... Good luck with that.

    I 'feel ya' and would just say that: Everything is gonna be OK. They look like a great couple. And before you know it, you'll be searching for baby names and more than likely, that room will have a "NEW" claim. And trust me, you will be in Nana "Hog Heaven." She may be leaving, but she is in your heart and always will be. Phones are wonderful things as well. And the visits are just that much more special. You'll be OK.

    As for the "Goodbye Fly?" I, for one, will greatly miss your FOTW's each month. A guaranteed Smile each and every time. I love your Blog. You take care, Slu... vaya con dios

    1. Slu,
      You always know how to make me smile. The fact that you like C.'s missing coffee mugs make me laugh even louder.
      Who will get that room? Will a game of blackjack decide? Will we draw straws or will I prevail by just being the loudest? I can't wait to find out.
      I'm not ready to be a grandma for about 25 years, so...there's that :)
      I'll be back before anyone notices that I'm gone. It's comments like yours and all the above that will keep me coming back.
      Smiling ALWAYS,

  15. I was starting to get emotional, but then those pictures make be bawl. Congratulations...What an amazing journey and blessings.

    1. Bawling ALL around here, Karen. It has been a beautiful journey. I'm still learning from it :) Thanks for commenting. :)

  16. My goodness, way to make someone all emotional and inspired at the same time. Wonderful blog, just wonderful.

    1. Thank you, C. For so much. What you and S. did for us during that crazy week is indescribable. Thanks for helping bring calmness and peace to an otherwise busy time. I love you so much and am beyond grateful to have you in my world.


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