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Friday, August 9, 2013

Secret Subject Swap- August

Hello, August!! It's time for the SSS!

If you're a regular reader, you know that the Secret Subject Swap is a collaboration between various bloggers. We receive secret topics from a blogger in an e-mail and put our own spin on the subjects. The 12 blogs participating this time are listed at the end of this post. Go have a look and leave a comment. It will make my our day! :)

Your “Secret Subject” is: 

You discover quite on accident that your toilet is a portal to another world.  Fill us in: What kind of place would it be, magical or mythical?
It was submitted by:  Sarah is an awesome blogger. Be sure to check her out. She's on Twitter and FB too!

Ew! Really, Sarah? Do you remember I have three boys? Can I go down the toilet wrapped in Clorox wipes? Here I go: (maybe another route...)

I've always believed in parallel universes. Not so much in time travel itself, but more about different planes of our lives going on a different times. A wormhole maybe? Is that the same as a portal? I'm not sure. I often dream I'm watching a younger me live out a day that really happened. I'm not able to talk to "me". I just watch. Perhaps I'm not dreaming and am somehow allowed to pass through one of the planes of time. Since I'm unable to speak in my dreams, I decided once to write notes to the younger me and leave them behind; hoping they'd be discovered. Where in the world would I put them? How would I find them? I knew. I'd set them next to a toilet. Who doesn't need to use, or clean the toilet? I've done it all my life, right? I was hoping that one day, the younger me would catch on and look for them. Maybe it IS time travel...information from the future. Toilets, though? Still, I figured it would work. God knows I've spent enough time cleaning toilets over the years. There has to be SOMETHING to look forward to, right? Here are a few examples I've left during certain "dreams".

Dear four year old Shelly,
     Super cute tricycle! I wish you looked happier when you rode it. That thing has streamers! Who doesn't love streamers? I understand if it's the outfit. Sadly, for the next ten years, your Garanimal-matching clothes won't improve, but it's OK. Your sister will get your hand-me-downs just in time for you to get the joke.
A few tips:
*Keep the bangs. You will try to grow them out, but will end up wearing them like that for the rest of your life.
*Don't be afraid to laugh and tell your stories to the people you love most. They don't mind listening one bit.
*The neighborhood friends you have right now will be some of the dearest friends you'll have when you're older.
*The world is SO much bigger and better than the tiny yard you're afraid to leave. Always remember that.
     Love, Shelly


Dear High-School Shelly,

     Hello, you music loving freak! I saw you and your bestie dancing to "Material Girl and Raspberry Beret" You do know what all of those lyrics mean, right?
A few tips:
*Throw away everything NEON after this year. It will try to make a comeback later , but you will just look like a dang fool trying to wear it. You look like a fool now, but then, so does everyone else.
*Just say no to perms, blue eyeshadow, stonewashed jeans and anything bought at Spencer Gifts.
*Less Baby Soft perfume and please purchase a good pair of tweezers. Please. I'm serious.
*Throw away the scale.
*The mean girls? Just you wait. Karma is beautiful.
*Pay more attention to your classes than the boys (yeah, right).
*You will never get the Calvin Klein's or Gloria Vanderbilt's. When you have the money for all of those things you've always dreamed of, you will choose yoga pants. Every. Single. Time.
*The world is so much bigger than high school, girl. Always remember that.
     Love, Shelly Lynn


Dear College Student Shell,
     Oh dear. What a transition for you. Leaving home was a huge step. I'm so happy that you went to a different city and started anew. I know it's a very difficult time for you. Change has always been hard, but these are going to be some of the best and worst days of your life. Hang in there.
A few tips:
*Go to all of the games and events. These years will fly by.
*The person you're mourning over would "beat you with a wooden stick" (his words) if he knew what you were missing out on. Make the best of everything because he taught you to.
*Just because nickel beers start getting served at six a.m., doesn't give you permission to wait outside at 5:45 a.m. with your besties knowing full well you will miss your eight o'clock Gym class. There are so many things wrong with that last sentence, I just have to smile and know you won't listen. Neither will your friends. Maybe that's ok.
*Freshman 15 is a saying. It is not a challenge. You will however, match that challenge and ante up about 10 more pounds. Nickel beer, anyone?
***You will go to many dances and bars. You will have lots of parties and even visit the library a few times. There will be a lot of potential guys out there. Go ahead and have a little fun, but know this. There is a young, kind-hearted boy who is working his way through college at Target, He will steal your heart and you'll wonder if you should be sticking to any one guy. Hint Hint. It's him.
*The world is so much bigger than your University. It's okay to wander out every now and then.

     Love, Michele (The boy at Target likes to call you by your real name. What?)


Dear 35 year old Michele,
     Well, Well. You are doing okay! You have the career you've always wanted and 3 beautiful, healthy children. How about that husband? (I told you one could find EVERYTHING at Target!) I'm writing to you because these are the years that are passing the quickest. I'm not scaring you. At this moment you have mentors and elders that are wrapping themselves around you. Soon, you will be losing some of the most important people in the world to you. There will be health issues and tragedies and circle-of-life losses. Though it will be devastating at the time, you will learn so much from the memories of these people.
A few tips:
*Be grateful for every second you have with the people you love.
*Friends and mentors, neighbors and acquaintances will show up in the worst of times. Recognize that.
*Write letters and take pictures and say I love you more than you should.
*Save all of your clothes for awhile; sizes 16 down to zero. You will need them all in the next few years, and not in the order you think. Yeah.
*The world is bigger than your family and friends, but keep it small and cozy for the next little while. You'll be glad you did.
     Love, shel

I was going to end my SSS here, but this very morning, while cleaning up someone else's pee, I found an envelope behind the toilet bowl cleaner. It is at these moments that the letters come back to me. I wonder after all of these years, how many I've missed? How many have I forgot? Do I remember writing them or is it only because I read them? I can't be sure. I do know that they show up when I need them.

Dear 42 year old "shellybean",

I hope you were able to find this letter and not have to pull it up like a sticker from the restroom floor. Really lady, haven't you got those boys trained by now? The kids are going back to school. I know that change is always a bit difficult, yet, here we are again. You're going to be fine. Better than fine; I think :)
Some tips:
*No, they still have not invented a remote control that can answer your phone or a cell phone that can change channels on TV. Quit trying!
*You will still find your lipstick at the very bottom of your purse (You make bags for goodness sake. How have we not solved this yet?)
*Your keys will usually be found on the second shelf of the fridge-right next to last night's dessert. That's not going away anytime soon.
*You have everything you need right now. Look around and be grateful for it.
*You just got "TOLD" by a fellow blogger friend on how to enjoy life. She said in three paragraphs what you've been seeing a therapist for for years. Listen to them both, please. It will save your sanity and possibly your life.
*Keep breathing and laughing.
*For the love of Moses and the burning bush, WHY didn't you throw away that neon hyper-colored sweatshirt? I told you this years ago. Neon is NOT coming back for ahem, ladies in their 40s.
*The world is so much bigger than you. It will still revolve whether or not you decide to participate. Always choose to participate.
Till next time,

Thanks so much Sarah, for the topic!  xox

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Happy "Sweet Dreams", my friends!


  1. This is lovely. It made me think about growing up. I'm going to write letters to my kids today - maybe one day - they'll look back and remember..... LOVE THIS!

    1. I always said I'd write letters to my kids; I just ever get around to it. So DO IT! I could have used that and so much more information !

  2. I can't express how much I love this. Absolutely beautiful and brilliant!!!

    1. Thank you, Stacy. I'm glad you read the whole thing! Haha. I always talk too much. Your comments make me smile. Thank you.

  3. I am sobbing right now woman...what a great way to take an icky prompt of jumping into a poop toilet and making it beyond beautiful. What great advice to all the younger versions of yourself babe.

    1. Karen, the prompt was awesome; I just couldn't think of how to weave it into a story; Plus, I think I needed to throw some stuff out there about the state of my life :) Still trying to contemplate whether or not to keep blogging... I love that you stop by :)

  4. Okay, so either I'm A)extremely emotional today, B)experiencing PMS or C)just weepy as all get out, 'cause here I sit, crying again, and it's not even noon! You're killin' me, Smalls!!! So beautifully written, my blogging twin! And very musetastic (it's a word, 'cause I said so!). I might have to steal this letter to self idea...

    1. Every day is an emotional day. 29 days out of the month can be blamed on PMS. You're just weeping because you haven't had your coffee yet. Your blogger twin was grouchy this morning! OK, I love the word muestastic. It rocks and I shall use it often. Write away, girlfriend ;)

  5. A beautiful explanation of your life. You have so much talent. Isn't it crazy to think about how all of the stupid mistakes we've made have somehow led us to something so much better than we could ever imagined? I am so proud of who you are, and where you have been. I know that I have only known you for the 20 years of your life that I have, but I can easily say that I've grown up knowing one of the most amazing women. You have been such and amazing mother to your children, the best friend to your friends, and obviously an awesome wife. You have worked so hard in your life to become the wonderful lady you are today. All I have to say is: Well done, Shellybean. You're doing things right, and you are loved more than you'll ever fully comprehend.

    I love you!

    1. Is it wrong that I love you have a 7:30 job? Thanks for using that extra time to comment on the blog. I know you understand all I've been dealing with. I so appreciate your prayers and guidance when it comes to the hard stuff.I refuse to admit you will be 20 soon. I think it's more like 7 and there are some polly pockets waiting to be played with.
      You're a wonderful daughter. You've become a very special friend as well. I love you with my soul.
      All my love, Mamacello

  6. Trying to type through the tears to tell you that if this amazing post of self-realization and acceptance didn't start my heart breaking, "A"'s response to it sure did. There is no higher compliment than the ones she's not only given to you, but given you publicly.

    Those 3 paragraphs, I hope they were enough to bring you back to blogging and your blogging friends more often. You have an amazing voice and every other week just isn't often enough to use it.

    LOVE your new car. Hope you're allowing yourself to enjoy it with full abandon.

    1. Karen, first of all, your letter back to me stunned to me. I hadn't really been spoken to in that way other than my family or my doc. I just kept reading it and reading it; eventually started believing your words. I thank everything good for your friendship. Thanks for not giving up on me and for allowing me time to heal. I love my group of blog friends and want to be more present. I want to share the happy stuff and celebrate the joy that my family brings. Baby steps. Props to you on figuring out the picture.
      I love you and your much.

  7. I love this post for soooooo many reasons!
    From wrapped in Clorox wipes to now.
    So insightful and beautiful!
    You are an amazing talented woman am so very glad that you share your sunshine with us.
    For the love of Pete solve the lipstick thing girl... we're all counting on you! ;)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post, Meg. THis was a great Subject swap. I WILL work on that lipstick compartment, as well as one that holds keys and spare change.
      Your words always give me so much hope for my writing. I thank you for that.

  8. Replies
    1. Yay!!!! I'm so glad to hear from you. I hope your weekend rocks :)

  9. Wow I wish I had someone leaving me little notes like this. Perhaps not behind the toilet though, I couldn't tell you the last time I bothered mopping behind there. I think leaving them in the cistern would possibly be a cleaner place.

    You did such a beautiful job with this post. Very wise.

    1. THanks for visiting the blog and leaving such a kind comment. I love the toilet idea, because of Harry Potter and for the fact that I'm cleaning that place everyday.Admit it. one day when you're cleaning, you might just find a little something from your older self :)

  10. Can you tell I had just seen Harry Potter when I wrote this prompt (apparently a lot of people didn't get that)? This is the beauty of the swap, that each person can craft the prompt however he or she feels. This turned out wonderful! My prompt was so silly but you made it great! LOVE IT!

    1. Harry Potter rocks to the ground. I loved your secret subject, and was so glad to finally get one from you. I always veer away from the exact subject, because I'm lame like that.How will I ever be a conformer with fun swaps like these? <3

  11. I would have known right away who your prompt was from without even seeing Sarah's name. Michele, this is lovely and brilliant. It just makes me love you even more and appreciate you for the beautiful person you are, inside and out. Awesome job on the prompt, my friend. XO

    1. Thank you, Marcia. You are such a sweet friend. Your words mean so much.xo
      Sarah is an AWESOME Swap writer and giver of topics :)

  12. This was simply brillant and wonderful to read. I am all kinds of emotional, crying like a baby. I needed this today in a million ways I could never express. Good Lord did I hate those second hand clothes, but I loved you like crazy. You gave yourself some great advice, if only we could go back...

    1. Oh Kimmi, As much as I'd like to believe in those letters, I couldn't go back even one day. I'd probably screw something up in a major way. Isn't it funny that second hand clothes now ROCK?
      Well, maybe I'd go back ONE day..if that house on Franklin was for sale and the fire department wasn't busy.. <3

  13. Hi Michele, I loved this. I can't put it into all the words that I would like to say about this post, so I will just leave it at lovey. Take care XOX!!

    1. Thank you, Dawn. I love that you stop over and read the blog. Thanks for leaving behind so much kindness :)

  14. As always, I loved your blog entry. You express your life in the loveliest, bright, and sparkling of ways. I wish I was with you along every step of the way... you are the dearest, sweetest, funniest, and creative woman I know. The Universe knows how much I wish I could spend more time with you... especially if your cleaning habits would rub off on me... :)

    Love to you my sweet girl, Jan Brady

    1. What can I say to one of my dearest friends? You were there during some hard times, for sure. I read your comment over and over this week. I love your support and that you keep me smiling.
      Mark and I send all our love to you.

  15. Wow, what a great post. Now I just hope the few times I did attempt to clean the bathroom that I didn't throw one of your notes away before you were able to read it. Who knew that a piece of paper by the toilet could contain so much wisdom. By the way, I am trained so you must be referring to the other two boys in our house :). I don't know if it is because of the notes or not but you are doing an awful lot of things right. Now if we could just get the future you to leave us the lottery numbers for the next big jackpot we would really have it made. Until then, keep up the good work!


    1. I love you man, but how would you find one of those notes? They are behind the toilet where the cleaner is....HAHAHA. j/k
      Lottery numbers! Why haven't I thought of that yet? Where is the publisher's clearing house when I need them?

  16. Double M...

    What a sweet story!!! As per your usual, so many smiles on this end. Thanks, Slu

    ps: you stated... "Keep Breathing (very important) and Laughing (a must)." Don't ever stop!!!

    1. Thanks Slu. I am so far behind on commenting! How many Mix Tape Tuesdays have I missed? Ugh.

      Still breathing and always smiling...every now and then I'm even dancing.


  17. I love your hair cut, it so cute. I am sure you will have a great year of home schooling.

    1. Thank you, Dawn! Homeschooling has been something else. I'l write about it soon:)


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