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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rollin' Solo...

"I am not going to get married, mom. I am going to adopt my own children. If I don't have a wife, I will be able to name them all by myself. The girls always do that and it's just not fair..."- Quote from my youngest and future father to Han Solo, Chicken "Mac" Nugget, and the twins, Phineas and Ferb.

Happy "Independence-for-all" day, friends :)


  1. Ha! Jo Jo really makes me laugh out loud!

  2. Tell him if he goes with Han, if he has a daughter make sure he doesn't name her Leia. One thing is for sure - people will remember the names of his kids!

    1. If this goes down as he has planned, mama will have to step in with some better names... :)

  3. Haaaa!
    This is why I visit this blog! Love them kiddo's!!! :)
    Oh, and that handsome man, too. ;)
    Your FF

  4. menikah adalah ibadah, jadi cepat-cepatlah menyempurnakan agama kita ...

    i say hello, visit and fill the Guestbook

  5. :) Thanks for visiting, Berkomentar!

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