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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3D Pinterest

Hello, friends!

If I haven't mentioned it before, I am terribly in love with Pinterest. I've always been that girl who ripped pages out of my favorite magazines. I'd tack them to my dresser, or to my parent's dismay, scotch-tape them to the wall paper. Cut-out ideas of clothing and hairstyles, make-up tips,  pics of my favorite TV stars or musicians- were all attached collage-like in my mess-of-a-room.

When I was older, I'd dog-ear kid-friendly ideas in books. I'd rip out recipe cards and paste them in notebooks or make collages of my favorite dream-home ideas and pin them up to a cork board. When that was full, I'd use the magnets on the side of the refrigerator. You can imagine how pin-happy I became once Pinterest came along. All the things I'd ever want to tag...were all in one place. It's been fantastic.

The hard part, as most would agree, is that while the recipes look amazing, I don't think I'll ever get to cooking much of it. Though the birthday party decorations are incredible, I probably won't be up to rolling my own paper straws or baking a seven layer cake that mimics a LEGO castle. By the time I share a funny quote with my children, they've already heard of it. 'Hard as it is to admit, will I EVER have that sapphire blue swimming pool that houses both a hot tub and waterfall? Will it also be accompanied by underwater tanning chairs AND a slide/ rock wall/ in-pool bar? 

Probably not. But, I'm also not Mrs. Michael Jackson nor Mrs. George Michael (boy, was I naive!) My hair was never sun kissed blond from using Sun-IN spray and I never owned a navy blue Mazda RX7 sports car. Those were the things posted on my bedroom wall. Girls can dream. It's a lot of fun as long as we don't take it too seriously. It should also never make us feel inadequate; only inspired.

Here is a quick picture story of the "real-life" Pin-wall I created this past week. With the help of my boys, I was able to hang up an inspiration board that is personally more applicable to me. I use it for my drawings, apparel ideas, bags-on-deck, photos of loved ones and patterns I intend to make and review. The board is tangible, personal and interactive. There are things on this board that I will use. Things that I can smile over. Projects I will actually complete. I absolutely love it. 

I will definitely keep pinning online. It's addictive and fun. But I'm hoping to be drawn a little more to the realistic board now hanging in my little studio. After all, I've got to pin my "crazy" somewhere. It's much more safe for all of us if it's hanging in a basement craft room.

Trying to clean out the disaster that is our garage, I decided to up-cycle an old crib spring. With all of the new safety guidelines in place for cribs, I think it would have been impossible to resell it.

The middle child is my new spray-paint go-to kid. He sanded, painted and repainted that bed spring until it matched the color of that cap. On the downside, our paint sheet now looks like something you'd find on a Dateline murder mystery.....

My boys helped the man hang up up the crib spring to a wall in the craft room. It's kind of a useless, bent wall, so it's perfect for something flat. We used gorilla clips, which I would highly recommend. The springs are so much heavier than they look. The clips hold a ton of weight, even on drywall.

This is a picture of some fabric that I've held onto for years. It is a cotton gauze and I'm in love with the pattern. Some fabric is really hard to cut into for me. I wasn't ready to get rid of it. Not for a bag, not for a dress. I actually have a bin of stuff like that. Hoarders, anyone?

I decided to use the fabric since it would be hanging on my wall. I'd be able to put it to good use while still holding onto it. Yes, Crazy #234. After measuring and drawing unbelievably crooked lines, I cut all of the fabric into strips.

You would be ashamed of me if you saw how I had to touch each "square" on the crib again and again to see just how many short and long strips I'd need. 

The youngest and middle child then put their weaving talents to use. This was harder than it might look because it's hanging up. Once you pulled the fabric taut, it would fall off of the next section. After working for a long time, they finally finished. It's not really sweatshop labor if you pay in M&Ms, right?

I used lots of little clothes pins and S clips to hang up stuff on the board. Even with the tight weave, you can pin on almost every square.

From right to left : bags, ideas, bag beginnings, my first shellybean bag and a sweater my husband wore as a baby, family photos and clothing patterns I'm ready to sew.

There it is. You can barely see the fabric I was so in love with. It's not nearly as organized as my Pinterest page. Hopefully though, you CAN see a few things that I find important enough to "PIN".

Did you cut out things when you were younger? Do you pin now? What's your favorite stuff to pin?

Happy (very-late) Wednesday, friends.


  1. Happy very late Wednesday, indeed. This project turned out wonderful! I think it is a great idea. Pintrest is nice (or so I've heard) but there is something to be said for tangible things that you can touch and feel to really inspire you. Your real life pin-wall does exactly that. When I last saw it, it was getting close but the finishing touches really set it apart. I know you had some great helpers, so kudos to them, too. And, I don't recommend telling the youngest that you won't be making that Lego cake, since I think that is a dream of his. Maybe it will be on his real life pin-wall some day. :)

    1. My, aren't we chipper this morning? The east coast must agree with you. Thanks for the kudos on the board.. I really do like it. The boys were a really big help. It's always a fun feeling knowing they had a part in something that I'll look at every day.. Now. Go Eat a philly steak for me. THAT is "pinned" on the board in my head! Talk soon. <3 ps..NEVER say never to a seven layer LEGO cake? Never!

  2. You are amazing. I would never have thought of something like this. Also, I have been having a really crappy morning and was thinking I needed a smile and sure enough there was your post. Thanks for the smile.

    1. Ann, As always, thank you so much. You have done more to spread the blog love than I deserve. Thanks for the PIN! Saying I made you smile means I'm doing my job! Ha!

  3. Yes, there we go. I still had some issues with the page loading but am now able to comment. As I stated before, you are amazing and far too creative. That board was a wonderful idea and perfectly put together. Now, if I could only get you over here to make my stuff beautiful. :) Great job Sis!

    1. K, thanks for the compliments; you are always so kind to comment. Your stuff is already beautiful, but I'd love to come over and play!! <3 you, sis.

  4. I love your creativity! I always smile when I get an email that you have a new blog posting because I know that I'm about to laugh or learn something or both. Not to mention the fabulous give-aways! I love it all.

    1. Hil, I've missed seeing your comments! Your words are so kind. I get equally excited coming to find who's stopped by. The comments mean a lot; I try to write everyone back, so make sure to check back :) More Give-aways are definitely coming :) Thanks again, my friend.

  5. I just decided today that I really need to start checking the blogs (and the people!) I like more regularly. I missed out this little beauty. You are the cleverest lady ever. You should be working for a home decorator's magazine, or some such:) Much love to you and yours.

  6. Aw, thanks, Shantal. I haven't been posting as much (have had a few things going usual). Thanks for the compliments, though-glad to have you stop by the blog...Oh. I hope you're enjoying the 50th state, you lucky lucky girl.


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