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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Morning of shame...

At breakfast:

"Hey Mom. Have you been eating my candy bars from Halloween?"  asks the youngest, sitting up to the table.

"Hmm? Why?" I ask in a muffled voice. I'm facing the coffee pot, trying not to let chocolate crunch bars fall out of my mouth..

"Because when I was getting my shoe, I saw a bunch of chocolate wrappers by your bed."

Thinking as quickly as I could, I turn and ask, "Why would your shoes be in MY bedroom?"

"Just answer the question, mom." teases the middle child.

"Aren't you late for the bus?" I lovingly remind him.

"Mom! Are you eating candy in your room? You said we had to leave it downstairs! You said we could only have two pieces each day! Halloween just happened! There are wrappers all over!" says the youngest, trying to stay on topic for the first time in his life..

"Yeah, what are you doing with all of those wrappers, mom?" asks the middle child, now close enough to the door to live another day.

Like a speed of light, the oldest flies in the kitchen, grabs an apple and her keys and shoots down the hall. Closing the door behind her, she yells, "Of course she ate your chocolate. What do you think she's doing with all of those wrappers? Knitting you a sweater?....Bye, Mom!!"

Good Times.

Follow the rules today, friends. If you can't, at LEAST hide the evidence.


  1. hahaha too funny! Only two pieces of candy! gee that's mean! You should have told him that you were saving his teeth! Emily gave us a bowl of hers to share and the hid the rest! lol Love you and your great stories!

    Brenda (Michigan)

  2. Hopefully Michaela doesn't read this blog, or I'm going to be in trouble.. Think its time to raid her halloween candy.....LOL


  3. Mystery solved! If it weren't for those meddling kids we would have got away with it! You need to find a better spot to HIDE the wrappers - like under the bed or something.

    P.S. - don't look under the bed.

  4. @Brenda, I AM mean! LOL. We always have our family dental cleanings right after Halloween. I have enough trouble keeping up with their brushing habits...Throw Laffy Taffy and Jolly Ranchers in the mix, and I'm in trouble! @Toshi, I hope you were able to get some of those goodies..@Mark, Wow. I thought I was bad!! You absolutely get to clean up all of those wrappers and DOTS boxes.. Love you all :)


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