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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweet Saturday

"School, writing, and paying the bills is good, but enjoying the interaction with that little family you and your husband made is something that is very very special. You all are good people." 

I was gifted this bit of advice from a friend I have reconnected with recently. I received a genuinely kind note from them after the death of my grandmother in June and we have been talking back and forth ever since.

I had been busy running around, worried about lots of different things lately: errands, work, my husband's work, my shop, some friends, my children's school....a whirlwind of everything, when I got that message in my inbox.

Have you heard the statement, "God is always on time."? Well he is. A friend I haven't seen since 1988 found the words I needed to read. Words I needed to live. My family is my most cherished possession, yet I was beginning to take it all for granted..

I felt like I hadn't had the permission to put the people that live in this house first. Like other things should matter more. How could that be? And then I realized... it was me who was not allowing the priorities. I'm going to work really hard at righting that wrong...anyway, I wanted to acknowledge that "aha" moment and thank B., my very wise, brand-new, old friend.

First up? Being present with my middle child, who helped me in the kitchen making our Fantasy Fudge". The rest of the family? They did their part: making it disappear...together. :)

Enjoy your weekend, friends :)

Fantasy Fudge- As always, vary as you like :)


2 bags of peanut butter chips (or butterscotch, Carmel, or vanilla chips)
2 small cans of sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated!)
1 bag of chocolate chips (bittersweet or milk)
1/2 cup of crushed peanuts (or Heath bar bits, marshmallows or pretzels), 1/4 extra for topping

any size pan (glass or metal.) smaller pan for thicker fudge, cake size pan for @1 inch thick fudge
tin foil to line pan
glass measuring cups or bowls to microwave chips in
rolling pin and baggie to smash filling in or just buy crushed peanuts.
Mixing spoons, large knife for cutting

line baking pan with foil...

#1. Melt two bags of peanut butter chips in the microwave. Use 30 second intervals, stopping to stir each time. It usually takes me three intervals.

#2 Slowly stir in 2 cans of condensed milk

#3 Crush peanuts or other fillings and slowly incorporate those into the batter. You have to work somewhat quickly as the mixture can start to harden.

#4 Pour mixture into a foil-lined pan. Put the pan into a refrigerator for about 45 minutes.

#5. Melt 1 to 1 and a half cups of chocolate chips in the microwave. Intervals of thirty seconds.

#6. Spread onto top of refrigerated mixture.

#7. Use your favorite toppings while the chocolate is still melted. We like peanuts or crushed pretzels for a salty-sweet treat. Return to fridge for another 30 minutes....You can wait, I know you can!!

#8. Remove from the fridge, cut into manageable squares. The fudge is really rich. Put onto parchment paper to solidify a bit. I use cupcake cups. 

Enjoy! They last about 2 days out...As with everything sweet at our house, I have no research beyond that time frame :)


  1. It's interesting how those little things can help put things in perspective. Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us - it's a good reminder for us all. We are glad you have reconnected with your new/old friend.


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