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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Crunch

It is a gorgeous day outside today. I'm so happy to see the sun!

The eldest and middle child brought us breakfast this morning from McDonald's. Double yoga today, but it was glorious to not have to cook and make a mess.

So what did I do with the rest of the morning? I cooked and made a mess..... :(

Not really. It was more like microwave and "melt" and spend time with my husband and the youngest. Not too shabby, if you ask me.

Since it's Valentine's weekend, I figured I better use up some of my baking stuff. Yesterday, my kids and I made and decorated cookies. Today we made up Valentine Crunch and tomorrow I'll be baking up cupcakes for the man to take to his workers on Monday.
We are on sugar overload.....I hope my neighbors are hungry...

Valentine Crunch Ingredients

Baking Sheets
Parchment or Wax paper
Meltable discs in Chocolate and Vanilla (use a color that matches the holiday. I used pink)
Mini Chocolate chips
Bowls or squeeze bottles for melted discs..
toffee sprinkles (you can buy these by Wilton, or crunch up Heath bars)
3-4 bags Microwave popcorn. I used Smartpop, because I love the irony...

1. Lay out parchment paper on cookie sheets. This helps during clean-up and flipping the popcorn later. Microwave all the bags of popcorn.
 2. Sift through and discard all unpopped kernels. Perfect job for the husband...
 3. Melt one flavor of the candy discs in the microwave according to package and transfer into a squeeze bottle. If you don't have one, simple drizzle liberally onto the popcorn with a spoon. While the candy is"wet", sprinkle toffee pieces and mini chips on to the mixture.
 4. Take another cookie pan and Flip the popcorn onto it's other side. Then melt the second color candy disc and repeat step three.
5. Let dry and transfer into individual bags or boxes.
I had some leftover candy hearts and sprinkled those on as well. You can also add nuts or carmel if you like.

Now, give it away to the ones you love. If you're like me and love the heck out of yourself, make something warm to drink, sit yourself down to read a magazine, watch some TV or write up a blog post.!!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends :)


  1. I would like this in my tummy immediately! Why oh why do you live so far way? A weekend in your house sounds like a weekend in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, and I couldn't dream of a better place. :)

  2. What a great thing to make for your valentine! It was very tasty!

  3. Wow! You are truly blessed, Chef Shellybean!

  4. Yummmmmm........
    Reading this and drinking my coffee this Valentines morning, perfect combo!
    I do believe I will make a batch of this today for my sweethearts! Thank you for the idea!
    I have to agree with the "anonymous" comment that was made, I do wish you lived closer, Willy. :}

    Happy Hearts Day Marriott Family and my FF. <3


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