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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just call me Picasso...

My kids have been trying for a while now to get me to play a game with them on my phone. It's an app called "Draw Free."

I refused for a long time because my daughter already had me hooked on "Words with Friends". One night, the man, my daughter and I all played WWF for hours. While sitting in the same room. Then we went to bed and played some more...I was AWESOME at that game!

But when you're lying next to your partner in bed and the most action you're getting is on an ipad, you've got yourself a bit of an addiction. When your husband calls you from work to tell you he played a word worth 92 points against the eldest, well, let's just say HE was a bit addicted. It was getting a little out of hand.

A normal mom would delete the app. I just decided to "leave it be" and not engage. Then my daughter showed me a game created by the same monsters as WWF called "Scramble Free". You have to find as many words as you can in a limited amount of time from a grid of letters. It's like the game "BOGGLE".

My eldest was amazing at Scramble. I was terrible at it. I can create words (like in crossword puzzles or WWF,) but am completely useless at racing to find words. I hate racing at anything, actually. It was pure embarrassment; losing every game, so Scramble was for me, easy-peasy to quit.

Like I said, the kids have been begging to play "Draw Free." Today, I gave in and started playing my son. You get to choose one of three words and draw a picture of it. Your opponent/partner has to figure out the picture. The fun part is, you are working as a team. You want to see how many pictures you can guess of one another's. My son and I have been playing off and on and have guessed 24 pictures so far. Let me tell you something, though. There has to be a bit of "knowing someone well enough" to play this game. I say this because my son has guessed the most pathetic drawings of mine known to man.

I'm not kidding. There is an awesome reason that I taught Kindergarten. Those students were too young to judge someone who had my lack of skill. Do you doubt me?

Please, Please check out my awesome version of the word, "BUDDHA" and tell me that my son doesn't have some sort of telepathy...Either that, or I'm being too hard on myself. Yeah, I didn't think so.

I'll be giving the game up as soon as one of the kids call me out on my drawing deficiency. Until then, my game name is shellybean70. KNOW you want to...

Perhaps I'll catch you in the world of apps, friends.
Happy Tuesday :)


  1. This makes me think of playing cranium with my sister, her husband, and your brother. My sister and I would be on a team and have to do the drawings where you keep your eyes closed. We could guess each others- no matter how off it may have been. The boys would get so angry and wonder how she could tell between my "tennis racket" and my "fly swatter." This of course lead into a long discussion of how fly swatters had square tops and tennis rachets are round... I digress... There is a power in family. You get to know each other so well- it's a wonderful blessing.

    1. I'v never played Cranium. I'll have to check it out. I love board games. I understand what you're talking about- family connections and old friends are powerful that way- We had friends who would play Taboo with us. SOOO much fun. It's always easier when you have background knowledge and experiences with people..almost uncanny what you can pick up, especially with someone's expressions.

  2. Very timely, very timely. Do you coordinate your musings with the NYT?

    1. How did you know? The New York Times and I go way back. Haha. No, but I'll check the article out :)

  3. looking it up as we speak (or as I type). P.S I could totally tell that was Buddha! :)

  4. This is funny. I know of a few people who play this game and the Words With Friends game. Me? Nope. I don't play either. I can't draw and I hate to guess words.
    I like my words on paper, strung together into sentences and paragraphs, that make someone's imagination come alive. That's it. LOL!
    Oh well, I was hooked on Angry Birds for the LONGEST time! I gave it up. Ever played? How about Ninja Fruit? Or better yet, Puss n' Boots Ninja Fruit??? Oh boy is that fun!! See? You don't need many skills to play those games. :)

    Love ya <3
    Your Unskilled FF ;)

    p.s. I thought your lil guy was giving me the "bird". Just sayin'.......

  5. NIck, you know how much I understand the stringing of sentences together. I tried to play angry birds with the Man. I was awful at that game too. If I couldn't destroy the pigs, I'd say, "Here, will you do this for me?" And that man would complete the next 20 levels. Insane. I've not heard of any of those other games...that's probably best.

  6. This will show my age and my favorite fast food restaurant as a kid, but I would have guessed "Grimace" (the purple McDonald's shake guy) given the body shape of your Buddha.

    I finally beat Gavin at WWF for the first time last week. He's spanked me every other time we've played (which must be approaching double digits now). He also was an Angry Birds fan for awhile, but seems to have quit that cold now. I'm like you, in that I'd give up on that game quickly when I couldn't pass a level.

  7. Nicole, grimace was my favorite! He and the fry guys..I am glad to hear that I'm not the Only one willing to give up. wwf actually was a lot if fun til ui heard people were using cheat sites. Boo!

  8. Yes, I miss the days of a good game of WWF with you or you asking me to finish levels of AB.

    I can't draw either so it would be interesting to see us play a game of DF. I guess it would help us that you only get a limited number of letters so even if you have no idea what the picture is, you can try combinations of letters just like the youngest does. You have to get it right at some point, but it might take a while!

  9. Mark, you were good at Angry Birds; I'll give you that. We absolutely need to get out of this house more often. BTW, the word combos on Draw me are the only thing that gets me to the next level.


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