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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day Nine of Forty- In like a lion..

March came in like a lion for sure... A big ol' grouchy lion who brought a morning full of snow, hail, and winds; a mix of everything....except for sun. I know that this winter has been mild, but man, I am SO ready for Spring. I think I may have already mentioned that a few times, but that is only because I really mean it.

By Spring I mean sunshine and warmth. I want it. Lots and Lots of it. Not unlike Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I want it all and I want it now. Things growing out of the ground, open windows, soft breezes, billowy skirts, flip, PLEASE!

I don't think I'm the only one. Winter is hard, people. The cold is hard, too. But the gloomy, grey skies, they seem to be the hardest for me to take. I would think that my declining attitude about the lack of sun could be attributed as depression...but many say, "NO" to that idea. It was even somewhat addressed in an episode "The Office" just this week:

Toby: (sadly) "Well, it HAS been a long, lonely winter..."
Dwight: (sarcastically) Wow, Seasonal Affective Disorder, aka 'SAD'. It sounds like a very 'real' thing, Toby.."
Andy: (sarcastically) "Yeah, Wow. It's like we're not ALL experiencing the same winter???"

I don't know. Do you enjoy winter? Does it NOT feel like it is the longest season of the year? Should I just move south and quit complaining? Ha! Me? Quit complaining? Now, what fun is that?

I'm counting 10 days until we "Spring forward." That is very good news.

19 days until the official start of Spring. Even better!

30 days until March goes out like a lamb. That's right. A soft, baby lamb basking in the bright, blinding sun. Yeah, we'll see.

Until then, I will be sitting by the heater in my feet pajamas, drinking something warm, and "basking" in this:

Uh huh, fake sun. Take what you can, when you can. :)

Stay cozy, friends :)


  1. You can't wear feet pajamas and feel like you are basking in the sun! You need to put on your flip flops and a billowy skirt. To feel California, you need to dress California, not Minnesota!

    1. Who are you? Billowy? I'm so on my way to buying you a billowy shirt..Speaking of California, let's go ASAP! p.s. I've never even been to Minnesota! You couldn't use the Mitten as your example? 'Cause I'm definitely dressed for Michigan. Bring on the sun!! (I'm going to keep saying it until it happens...)

    2. Can I take all of this as a giant subtle hint that we'll be visiting California for spring break?? ;) Or Minnesota... But if we're all joking hear, I'd rather we joke about tans and sun than Minnesota.. Which is.. Minnesota. Montana on the other hand..

    3. I'm going to go with a "No" on that one We have to send some child to college in the fall... :)

  2. Yes, our winter here in the mitten state has been thankfully mild also, but if you judge winter by the sicknesses your children bring home from school, this has been a harsh season. Wowzers! I think I saw our pediatrician out driving in her new BMW. Okay, I kid. It was actually a Mercedes..... but who's really paying attention..
    Now, where can I find a lamp like that?
    I wish you nothing but sunny skies, and warm breezes.
    Oh, and huge tubs of Clorox wipes.
    Love ya!
    Your FF

    1. Thanks, Nick Nack. A sick season, indeed. I need some fresh air! Mark ordered the lamp from Amazon. There are a few different kinds. One of my doctors actually recommended trying it..We'll see how it works... :)

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