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Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 38 of Forty: Filtered

Hello friends! It's finally Friday! Woo Hoo! I taught all day, spilled coffee in the car and then came home and burned two pizzas. Rock on though, because tonight kicks off Spring Break vacation for our family! 9 glorious days. We're not going anywhere special this year, but all of us are unbelievably glad to have a valid "break".
 Before I get ready to have a real sleep-in Saturday, I want to share with you a fun project I did with the kids after school today. It was supposed to be with the youngest, but my other children decided to take pity on their mama, make my day and join in. Not many of those days left, I know... so I'm counting this as a perfect Friday.

If you want to make a simple Spring Project with your kids, give this one a try.

You'll need:
Crayola Markers (fat ones work best)
Coffee Filters
Spray Bottle
Various decorations: google eyes, pipe cleaners, pompoms (I bought this bag at Walmart in the craft aisle)
glue, scissors, tape

 1. Lay out coffee filters flat on a newspaper or construction paper. You need to protect your counter tops! Use the flat side of the different colored markers (at an angle) and completely cover the filter paper. There is no pattern needed..just have fun and know that little fingers are going to get a bit stained :)

 2. When filter(s) are completely covered and you have made as many as you want, set them and the newspapers on the floor.
 3. Use the spray bottle (on mist) to completely saturate the filter. You will know that you have done this because the words from the paper will show through. It's okay if the markers start to bleed off the edges. The point of this is to blend the colors.

 Here is an example of how beautiful the result can be if you use white construction paper instead of newspaper. We do this and then use that paper for stationary.
 4. Let the filters dry on their own or use a hair dryer...When dry, collect for your project!

 5.  Use the decorations with the colored filters to create things that remind you of Spring.

My kids are pretty creative on their own, but they ALWAYS rise to the challenge. Like I've said before, the older two enjoy the one-upmanship of each other. They veered away from the SPRING theme a bit, but the results were still pretty hilarious...and impressive ;)

This is what they came up with...

A Spring flower...

A snake, A clam and a jellyfish...

A bumblebee on a flower...

A parachute...

a peacock (back) and a caterpillar (front)...

a horsefly...

 and a dragonfly!

Happy Spring Break Friday, friends :)

What do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. Those are some awesome creations! My favorite is......all of them. Great idea to kick off spring break, shellybean. Looking forward to 9 days of family and fun.

  2. Picking a favorite is like picking your favorite kid...OUR kids keep track. Nice, safe answer Mr. Man. HA!

  3. Looks like fun! I can't wait to sit in the hot Vegas sun and do NOTHING!And on your later post, my oldest was most disappointed by the Easter bunny not being real, also. Really, I thought it would be Santa. Char

    1. Char, I am 16.3 kinds of jealous of you! Have the best time doing absolutely nothing!! On your other point, Al was devastated by Santa. Christian, by the Easter bunny and The man? The tooth fairy. Worst day ever! I will miss you like crazy, girl. Read my blog while you're drinking lemonades :)

  4. I am going to try my best to give this a go. It looks like so much fun and the end product is awesome. But, I do wish you were here to show me how.

  5. We did the coffee filters every year in Kindergarten. They really are super easy, even if you just hang up the circles like "sun catchers". You can also cut the filters into ovals so they'll look like Easter eggs. Come on now, how cute is that? I'd give anything to be able to come to the Mitten and hang out for "Art project day" :)

  6. Wow, your children are amazing. You didn't put names to any of the creations, so I think it's best I assume all of the good ones were made by your middle child. He's such a blessing, truly! And wow! That 'caterpillar' is amazing.. The only thing that's throwing me off are the wings.. Looks like someone intended for it to be a butterfly, but what do I know? It's not like I made any of the memorable ones. Cute craft idea! There's only one thing I'd like to point out: the best one, the kite, didn't make the blog!! Noooooo!! ;)
    At least I got to use the spray bottle.
    Happy spring break, you classy crafter!

  7. Dearest Alice, I admit, I was so happy to see you comment. Nothing like the eldest putting her mother in her place. I swear you said it was a caterpillar; technically it is, just in a later stage :) I'm as sorry as you that my kite didn't make the cut, but really, why embarrass the children? That kite was a-maz-ing!! The spray bottle moment will forever be ingrained into my head. I think you meant:
    Classy magician!!- Mamacello

  8. Awww memories. :)
    We also made these in my preschool class every yr. So much fun! And truly made our classroom springtime beautiful. And did I mention my pretty inked up fingers also?? :)
    I might have to make these cuties with my boys this week!
    Enjoy your spring break! We shall enjoy ours also! <3

    Your FF

    1. Thanks Nickie, Yay Spring! I hope you are enjoying every minute of your time with those cute little men. Hippity Hop Hop. Easter is on its way!!


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