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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas gifts/Custom Orders

I need to get some new bags in the shop, but wanted to share some of the custom orders and gifts I made this Christmas. It was very busy time, but it was also so much fun. That sewing space lately, is one of my favorite places to be. It's silly, but that room seems to be where I can be most calm. I think that everyone needs a little of that during the holidays. Perhaps that's why the man kept telling me to STAY in the craft room...yeah that's probably why...

Thanks to everyone for shopping in the shellybean store this past year. I love your support and friendship. So much more is to come.. :)

Yeah, I made more and can't find the photos. If you're local, let me take a pic! If you're not, send me one, please ;)

Happy Tuesday, Friends.


  1. Oh my. I see many I recognize, and some that I WISH I did. HA! :) That last one is just adorable.
    Let's just say, my gift from Dave, specially made by shellybean, made my ENTIRE 2012. Yes it did. We'll speak later on the secret keeping.... ;)
    Love to you, my lil crafting girl <3
    Your FF

  2. Yes, shellybean was right at home in the craft room this year. Based on the sheer number of carefully packaged pursues, bags, and other creative things that shellybean shipped out to places all over the country this year, I have to say it was a very successful holiday season to close out a very successful and busy year for the shellybean craft empire. I look forward to seeing what the shellybean empire cranks out this year from right here in that little craft room at shellybean world headquaters. We are very proud of you shellybean!

  3. NickNack, you always make me smile. You can always have anything you want. You're my biggest supporter!!! oh Mark, there are a few frenemies reading your words and throwing up a little in their mouths...I kind of love that. Plus, you didn't
    say shellybean nearly enough. Ha! I love that you are supportive force in locking me in the "studio" and keeping us all a bit sane. Love you and your very silly comments ;)

  4. Aw, Mr. shellybean, (or is it "markybean"?) you are so sweet. She definitely made my holiday brighter. Thanks for "locking" her in.
    Now, sweeter yet, you could always "lock" her on a airplane and a week-long trip to see her mitten buddies. Just sayin' ;)
    My hugs and love to you both <3


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